Stephanie McMahon Was “More Caring” Than Vince McMahon – Ex-WWE Star

Stephanie McMahon

The wrestling world was rocked on January 10th by the news that Stephanie McMahon was leaving WWE with immediate effect.

McMahon’s departure came just days after she and the management team had given assurances that nothing would be changing following Vince McMahon’s return to WWE. Swiftly following the news that Stephanie had left the company it was announced that Vince McMahon had been elected Executive Chairman.

While speculation continues to run wild on Vince McMahon’s true intentions for WWE now that he’s back, it has been reported that he and Stephanie previously had issues while working together.

Matt Hardy Discusses Working With Stephanie McMahon

Matt Hardy has worked for WWE on numerous occasions and therefore built up a relationship with both McMahon’s as well as Shane. Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the now-AEW star said that he felt although Stephanie was more like Vince than Shane, she cared more out people’s lives outside of wrestling.

“I mean, I like Stephanie. I always got along good with her, especially the last round when I was there. And I felt like Stephanie was a lot more like Vince than Shane was ever like Vince as far as her business drive, and she knew she had to like, show authority, kind of put her foot down, you know, slapped down on power card, whatever. But she was also compassionate. And I felt like she cared more about the human beings that were there sacrificing so much for her and her family that run the joint, you know. So I feel like she was a little more caring about human beings and their life outside of pro wrestling.”

With Vince McMahon back as Executive Chairman it was has been reported that within WWE there is a feeling of “the countdown is on” to when he takes full and complete control once again.

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