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Stephanie McMahon Confirms ‘Major Production Changes’ As Fans Return

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has revealed that WWE will be experimenting with technology and using a new set design as they get ready to return to the road.

WWE have been innovative in their use of technology and set design on a scale not seen elsewhere in the wrestling industry. Their WrestleMania sets have become the stuff of legend and the WWE ThunderDome proved to be a massive success as the company was forced to hold shows behind closed doors.

With the pandemic era nearing its end and WWE heading back out on the road beginning with SmackDown on the 16th of July, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon has revealed that the company’s use of technology is going to grow. McMahon revealed in the discussion with Variety that fans can expect a change in the set design going forward as well.

McMahon explained:

“In the ThunderDome, we were able to experiment with different types of technology.And we needed to over-deliver for our partners and our fans watching at home. But now we have the ability to apply all of those learnings to the live event experience with our fans. So from a production and storytelling standpoint, it will look and feel different.”

“We’re going to have a new set design, a new presentation of our talents, different locations, and arena setups. We’re going to be utilizing augmented reality in a way that we never have before. We experimented with it a lot during Thunderdome, but it is now going to be incorporated into our talent entrances. There’s also going to be animated graphics. It’s going to be so exciting and so different than anything we’ve done before.”

The lead production designer for WWE Jason Robinson previously discussed the possibility of the company using new sets and what goes into the company’s mammoth designs.

Credit: Variety