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Stephanie McMahon Called Out Female Talent Over Ring Gear

Stephanie McMahon

A former WWE Superstar has recalled Stephanie McMahon telling female wrestlers to cover up more, as one star had “her ass all over the place.”

Shelly Martinez, who appeared in WWE as Ariel during 206 and 2007, has revealed that Stephanie McMahon once instructed a number of female stars to dress more conservatively.

At the time, Martinez was performing in a vampire-style gimmick alongside Kevin Thorn in ECW. Ariel often appeared dressed provocatively and is perhaps best remembered for sexually charged entrance alongside Thorn.

Speaking during an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, the former WWE Superstar explained that during a meeting Stephanie McMahon told a number of female stars to cover up. Martinez said that McMahon used her as an example, saying her “ass was all over the place.”

“She was talking about how we had to cover our butt’s more, and she kept using me as an example,” Martinez said. “She’s like, ‘Ariel, her a** is always all over the place.’ And when she kept using me as an example, I didn’t take any offense to it. I was like, ‘Yeah, my a** is always [all over the place]. I might have a n*p slip. Yeah, that is me. Yes.’

Martinez added that she appreciated McMahon later explaining that her intrsuctions weren’t a personal attack.

“After the meeting was over, she goes, ‘I just wanna let you guys know I’m not picking on Ariel. I just know that she doesn’t take things like that, so I was using her as an example,’” Martinez continued. “And I thought that was really cool because she didn’t have to do that, and I already didn’t feel like she was coming for me.”

The comments come after a recent interview where former WWE Superstar Athena, known as Ember Moon at the time, broke down how the company held meetings where female stars were told dress sexily, and more like Mandy Rose.

Athena who enjoyed multiple stints in NXT, was referencing changes made to the brand as it became NXT 2.0.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.