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Start Date Of AEW Owen Hart Tournaments Revealed

Owen Hart Cup

AEW have announced the start date of the Owen Hart Cup tournaments.

Back in September 2021, AEW announced that they had begun a partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation. The deal involved merchandise and video game appearances as well as the creation of the Owen Hart Cup.

It was later announced that there will be two tournaments, one for men and one for women, with the finals taking place at AEW Double or Nothing in May.

In a new announcement, AEW have now confirmed that the tournaments will begin on May 11th when the promotion returns to the UBS Arena in Long Island, New York. Tickets for the taping which includes both Dynamite and Rampage go on sale on Friday February 18th.

To date, no participants for either tournament have been confirmed.

For those unfamiliar with the story of the legendary Owen Hart, the former Intercontinental Champion’s life tragically ended following an incident which happened mid-show at WWE, then WWF, Over The Edge ’99. Hart was preparing to challenge The Godfather as the affable Blue Blazer when he fell to his death.

AEWBlue Blazer became somewhat of a parody superhero and the use of a “quick release” system saw Hart adopt a new entrance where he used a grapple line from the rafters, only to become entangled and set himself free to fall to the ring from a short height.

Sadly, at Over The Edge, the stunt went wrong and Owen Hart fell from around 78 feet above the ring. While the show controversially continued, Hart died of his injuries that night at the age of 34 years old.