“How Many Stars?” – Braun Strowman Takes Another IWC Shot With Impressive Flip

Braun Strowman Aja Smith

At WWE Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman went head to head with Omos in a behemoth battle of giant men. In the end, Strowman was victorious.

Strowman found himself the subject of online criticism when he took to social media to talk about his bout in a now-deleted tweet, calling out “flippy floppers” and boasting about his size.

“Holy hell @TheGiantOmos can you believe we got 47 [stars] and reminded the people that no one cares about all these floppy floppers. Giants and Monster > flippy flipper bag your grocery’s at @kroger #AirportTest #SizeIsThePrize #SwoleIsTheGoal”

After receiving push back from fans and WWE Superstars alike, Braun Strowman explained himself in another tweet that’s since been deleted, telling the IWC (Internet wrestling community) to “take a joke.”

“Yo yo all my brothers and sisters in the locker room no matter where you came from. I have mad respect. We have all worked very hard to be where we are. And all are here for a reason. Take a joke iwc. Y’all come at me none stop and the second I fire back y’all melt.”

Braun Strowman Isn’t Done Taking Shots At Online Wrestling Fans

Despite deleting his more controversial tweets and settling for one that simply declares his WWE Crown Jewel bout with Omos as the “best match ever,” Braun Strowman is nowhere near being finished launching jabs at online wrestling fans. On November 7th, he posted a video of himself doing a backflip into a foam pit, asking how many stars his move should receive. In his hashtags, the Monster Among Men declared himself a “heat magnet” and again took aim at “flippy floppy” wrestling.

Strowman’s online comments aren’t the only reason he’s landed in hot water with some of his WWE colleagues, however. According to a recent report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Braun Strowman has a reputation for not only arriving to work late, but also for leaving early. One source called Strowman his “own worst enemy” and his “worst advocate.”