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Stardom vs SEAdLINNNG Matches Confirmed For The Budokan

After weeks of build up, two inter-promotional matches have finally been made official for Stardom’s 10th Anniversary show at the historic Budokan Hall.

Stardom’s Mayu Iwatani is set to face SEAdLINNNG star Yoshiko, whilst Momo Watanabe will square off against Nanae Takahashi.

The pair of contests arrive after weeks of taunting from the SEAdLINNNG duo, both of whom are former World of Stardom champions.

At Stardom’s end of year show, Yoshiko and Nanae made their shocking return to the promotion, some six years after their controversial exodus following what has come to be known as the ‘Ghastly Match’.

During the bout in question, the Takahashi trained Yoshiko appeared to shoot on rising star Act Yasukawa, brutalising her in a match that would ultimately lead to Act’s premature retirement.

The pair would exit Stardom shortly thereafter, with Nanae setting up the SEAdLINNNG promotion in 2015.

Having returned after a lengthy hiatus, the pair wasted little time in challenging the Stardom roster and in particular, company ace Iwatani.

Yoshiko would then re-appear via video in January, demanding a response from the Stardom roster within the following seven days.

Finally, the Stardom trio of Iwatani, Watanabe and Saya Iida invaded SEAdLINNNG, confronting the exiled pair before agreeing to their respective matches.

Stardom’s 10th Anniversary show will take place on March 3rd at Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.