Stardom Reportedly Facing Criticism Over Utami’s Card Position

Stardom are reportedly facing criticism over their handling of Utami Hayashishita’s World of Stardom championship title reign thus far.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestler Observer Newsletter noted in his latest issue that Utami’s penultimate placement on the All Star Dream Cinderella card, paired with news that she would again be wrestling in the second-to-last slot on the upcoming Yokohama Cinderella show, had raised some eyebrows across the fanbase.

In the main event of both shows is arguably the company’s hottest act in Giulia.

Giulia wrestled Tam Nakano for the ‘White Belt’ at All Star Dream, in a dramatic hair versus hair match (which she ultimately lost) and will team with Syuri against Donna del Mundo stablemates Himeka and Maika for the Goddess of Stardom Championships in Yokohama.

Meltzer reports that those decisions have been made off the back of both Giulia and DDM’s respective popularity, as well as their merchandise sales which are reportedly the highest across the company.

Regarding Utami, the respected journalist dismissed the idea that the company would not back her title reign as ‘ridiculous’, noting how she had claimed the ‘Red Belt’ at just 22 years old and had been pushed significantly since her debut.

Meltzer concluded that whilst Giulia was in a feature position at present, based on her perceived marketability and current redemption storyline, Utami was the one being groomed to carry the company in the future.

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