STARDOM “Not Ready” For Major Change

The New Stardom Logo

World Wonder Ring Stardom is considered one of the top women’s wrestling promotions on the planet. Founded in 2010, the company has boasted an impressive roster of top-tier in-ring competitors including Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani, Syuri, Tam Nakano, and many others. Some of the company’s alumni include Tessa Blanchard, Nikki Storm (WWE’s Nikki Cross), Maiko Satomura, Mercedes Martinez, Mia Yim, and Heidi Lovelace (AEW’s Ruby Soho)

Given the depth of its roster and the growth of women’s wrestling since 2010, Stardom has gotten plenty of attention and praise in recent years. In fact, the company has had such a positive impact among wrestling fans that it was voted second-best wrestling promotion of the year for 2022 by the Wrestling Observer’s readership.

Some fans have wondered if the company was going to recognize its international expansion by including English-language commentary. Unfortunately, unlike both New Japan and NOAH, which did include English commentary to take advantage of this same international popularity, Stardom has chosen not to include anything besides Japanese commentary.

Stardom says no to English-language commentary

Kevin Kelly, who has been doing English commentary for New Japan for years now, approached Stardom’s officials and offered to do English commentary since both promotions are owned by the same parent company.

However, he was told almost instantly that there was no interest in providing any additional language options for fans.

“Nope! I begged and pleaded. They just aren’t ready”

While Stardom has its own roster and championships, it does regular cross-promotional work with New Japan on a regular basis, especially with New Japan’s recently-created IWGP Women’s Championship. Since New Japan didn’t have its own roster of women’s wrestlers, most if not all of the women provided in the tournament to crown an inaugural champion were provided by Stardom.

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