Stardom Match Becomes Meltzer’s Highest-Rated Women’s Match Ever

Stardom’s Tokyo Dream Cinderella show on June 12th was widely praised as having been the latest in a succession of strong outings from the prominent Joshi promotion.

But respected wrestling journalist and historian Dave Meltzer has now officially put it in the record books by awarding the show’s top title match with a five and a half star rating.

This is the first time in the rating system’s history that a women’s match has been awarded over five stars, with its nearest competitor coming some 26 years ago when Manami Toyota’s clash with Akira Hokuto scooped five stars from Meltzer.

The World of Stardom Championship, otherwise known as The Red Belt, was on the line where current champion, the 22-year-old Utami Hayashishita defended against former UFC fighter, Syuri.

The pair locked horns in a strong-style spectacle, with the young champion dramatically electing to exchange strikes with the former MMA star.

After 30 minutes of action, the contest was declared a time-limit draw, however, when the challenger requested more time, the battling champion Utami duly accepted.

The two fought fiercely for nearly 15 minutes more before a double knockout ended the contest abruptly.

Post-match, an exhausted Utami managed to deliver a show-closing promo (as is custom in Japan) before being interrupted by her next title challenger, Natsuko Tora.