Stardom All Star Dream Cinderella Results

Summarised Results:

Natsupoi defeats AZM to become the new High Speed Champion (7:41)

Maika and Himeka defeat Saki Kashima and Natsuko Tora to retain the Goddesses of Stardom Championship (7:15)

Unagi Sayaka wins the Stardom Battle Royal (35:01)

Nanae Takahashi defeats Momo Watanabe (10:21)

Syuri defeats Konami to retain the SWA Championship (8:19)

Mayu Iwatani defeats Yoshiko (15:09)

Utami Hayashishita defeats Saya Kamitani to retain the World of Stardom Championship (15:46)

Tam Nakano defeats Giulia in a hair vs hair match to become the new Wonder of Stardom Champion, Giulia shaves her head. (18:57)

The first two matches are available to watch on Stardom’s official youtube channel.

Natsupoi defeats AZM to win the High Speed Title (7:41)

  • As to the name of the title, it starts off fast with both women going through a quick sequence full of reversals and pinning combos.
  • Natsupoi’s top rope attempt is foiled by AZM with a harsh kick, knocking her to the floor outside. AZM uses this opportunity to hit a double foot stomp. Once the action gets back to the ring, AZM hits a springboard dropkick for a two count that she attempts to turn into an armbar.
  • Action doesn’t slow down for long when Natsupoi takes charge, hitting a diving crossbody into a pin that gets reversed then reversed again then reversed again into a pin where AZM once again tries for the submission.
  • Plenty of back and forth action as every attempt to end the match from AZM gets reversed.
  • After a series of thrust kicks, Natsupoi hits a very impressive cartwheel power bomb but only manages a two count, not slowing down she hits a series of German suplexes once again for a two count.
  • Natsupoi gets the three count with a cross arm German suplex.

Maika and Himeka defeat Saki Kashima and Natsuko Tora to retain the tag titles. (7:15)

  • Tora and Saki immediately kick off the match, not letting the bell ring to attack Maika and Himeka. Tora takes Himeka to the outside while Saki focuses on Maika in the ring but it’s not long until they start to team up on Maika.
  • Himeka and Tora have a battle of the shoulder charges which Tora loses.
  • Saki and Tora try the double team again but Himeka over powers them with a double Argentine backbreaker.
  • Saki and Tora show off their tag chemistry with a Samoan drop into a double foot stomp into a frog splash but it gets a two count.
  • Himeka and Maika get some double team offense in, hitting Tora with a double chokeslam.
  • Maika uses the Michinoku Driver from her trainer TAKA Michinoku to get the victory.

Unagi Sayaka wins the All Star Rumble (35:01)

  • Starlight Kid enters first followed by Mei Hoshizuki (Marvelous).
  • Gokigen Desu enters.
  • Momoe Nakanishi enters.
  • Momoe and Gokigen do a comedy spot while also showing off their own high speed skills.
  • Koguma enters.
  • Unagi Sayaka enters.
  • Everyone teams up against Starlight Kid in the corner, everyone except Unagi that is who Kid counters every time she tries any offensive move.
  • Saya Iida enters.
  • Mina Shirakawa enters, marking her return from a broken nose.
  • Yuna Manase (Ganbare) enters.
  • Emi Sakura, accompanied by everyone in Gatoh Move, enters.
  • Emi fulfills a dream of hers and faces off against Momoe.
  • Lady C enters.
  • Everyone gets involved in a headscissor while Momoe tramples everyone in the process.
  • Kyoko Inoue (Diana) enters.
  • Everyone teams up against Kyoko, Lady C hits her with a chokeslam with help from Kid, Saya and Mina.
  • Kyoko Inoue eliminates Lady C.
  • Ruaka enters.
  • Ruaka faces off against Kyoko Inoue and actually holds her own until Kyoko hits her with a lariat.
  • Kyoko Inoue eliminates Ruaka.
  • Rin Kadokura (Marvelous) enters.
  • Everyone eliminates Kyoko Inoue.
  • Hiroyo Matsumoto enters.
  • Miho Wakizawa enters accompanied by Mayu Iwatani. Mayu, Miho and Hiroyo have a little reunion.
  • Mima Shimoda enters.
  • Mima eliminates Yuna Manase.
  • Bea Priestley enters.
  • Everyone teams up on Bea.
  • Yuuri Haruka enters on a scooter.
  • Mima Shimoda and Bea Priestley are eliminated.
  • Hiromi Mimura enters.
  • Yuuri Haruka gets eliminated by Emi Sakura.
  • Hiromi Mimura eliminated by Miho Wakizawa.
  • Yoko Bito enters.
  • Everyone eliminates Emi Sakura.
  • Everyone eliminates Miho Wakizawa.
  • Everyone eliminates Hiroyo Matsumoto.
  • Yuzuki Aikawa enters.
  • Mei Hoshizuki and Rin Kadokura are eliminated.
  • Chigusa Nagayo (Marvelous) enters.
  • Chigusa and Saya square off.
  • Kikutaro enters.
  • Chigusa somehow moves like she did 30 years ago for a split second.
  • Chigusa eliminates Saya Iida.
  • Mina and Unagi eliminate Chigusa.
  • Kikutaro eventually gets into the ring to harass the women, unfortunately this was a moment that ruined a good, fun match.
  • Everyone teams up on Kikutaro.
  • Kikutaro gets eliminated by Momoe.
  • Gokigen Desu gets eliminated by Momoe.
  • Momoe Nakanishi gets eliminated.
  • Yoko Bito gets eliminated.
  • Everyone eliminates Starlight Kid.
  • Mina, Unagi and Yuzuki Aikawa team up to eliminate Koguma.
  • Yuzuki Aikawa was basically an unofficial member of Cosmic Angels during the build up to the show. Hopefully she returns more frequently in the future since she was the most impressive of the retired names in the match..
  • Yuzuki Aikawa eliminates Mina Shirakawa.
  • Unagi Sayaka eliminates Yuzuki Aikawa to win the All Star Rumble.

Nanae Takahashi defeats Momo Watanabe (10:21)

  • Momo and Nanae kick things off with a slapping fight. Nanae gains the upper hand by forcing Momo into the corner, a lot of back and forth until Nanae hits her with a German suplex.
  • Both women showcase their violent kicking ability. The more experienced Nanae starts to focus on Momo’s leg to try and slow her down which doesn’t work for long.
  • Nanae uses a lot of headbutts in her brutal offense.
  • Momo hits her B-Driver finish but as she goes for the pin, Nanae rolls through and hits her with her own version of the B-Driver but Momo kicks out almost immediately.
  • A missed top rope splash gave Momo the upper hand to hit her running knee and a top rope Samato however her attempt to end the match was unsuccessful.
  • Nanae picked up the victory for SEAdLINNNG with an arm trap side slam onto Momo. This rivalry doesn’t seem to be over just yet as Momo refused to shake Nanae’s hand after the match.

Syuri defeats Konami and retains her SWA Championship (8:19)

  • A student vs mentor match up between the champion and challenger, there is a long history between the two dating back to when Konami was being trained by WWE’s Asuka.
  • With such similar styles the match went immediately into technical ground work, full of submission attempts.
  • A brutal kick knocks Syuri to the outside. Despite their efforts, Konami pushed away her Oedo Tai teammates to stop them from interfering in her match.
  • Konami targeted the arm and on more than one occasion looked like she had Syuri in the position to win but with Syuri’s MMA background getting a submission victory was easier said than done.
  • A striking exchange ended with Syuri hitting a running knee, almost getting a three count.
  • Syuri attempted another running knee only to get caught by Konami trapping her arm but Syuri’s skill was too much and she managed to counter into her own submission for the victory.

Mayu Iwatani defeats Yoshiko (15:09)

  • Another match with deep history as two stardom originals face off in the second 10th anniversary special.
  • Yoshiko takes charge early by halting Mayu’s quick offence. Using power moves to cut her down it included a lot of disrespect from Yoshiko who flipped off the stardom fans as much as she could.
  • Mayu gained control sending Yoshiko to the outside then hitting a dangerous looking tope suicida that sent Mayu into the guardrail and essentially folded her in half.
  • Mayu went for a moonsault which Yoshiko blocked with a nasty looking reversal putting her feet up, knocking the wind out of Mayu.
  • The two squared off with brutal forearms that nearly knocked each other out, finishing with two huge lariats from Yoshiko causing Mayu to land right on her neck.
  • Finally connecting with the moonsault, Mayu picks up the win for Stardom.
  • After a strained relationship due to how Yoshiko left the company back in 2015, Mayu and Yoshiko rekindled at the end of the match making for an emotional end to Yoshiko’s redemption arc.

Utami Hayashishita defeats Saya Kamitani to retain the World of Stardom Championship (15:46)

  • Joshi legend Akira Hokuto joins the commentary team, champion Utami hands her a rose which has become almost a calling card of hers after her title match with Maika.
  • A nice technical start to the match, Utami takes early control in the match despite the efforts of her teammate Saya, knocking her back each time.
  • Saya knocks Utami out of the ring and hits a beautiful tope con hilo onto the champ.
  • A forearm exchange ends with Utami knocking down Saya only to be met with two big dropkicks.
  • Saya pulled out a Canadian destroyer which isn’t featured much in the joshi scene so it was a fun surprise to see.
  • An impressive springboard rana almost got Saya the win.
  • Despite her efforts, Saya missed a Phoenix splash that could have gotten her the victory.
  • Utami hit a lariat that turned Saya inside out. Taking advantage, Utami hit Saya with her spinning Razor’s Edge finish for the victory.
  • At the end of the match, Bea Priestley came out to challenge Utami for the title.

Hair vs Hair Match, Tam Nakano defeats Giulia and wins the Wonder of Stardom title. (18:57)

  • A year long feud comes to a conclusion in the main event.
  • With so much on the line, things turned vicious early as they fought for the upper hand.
  • Giulia had several attempts early to hit the Glorious Driver.
  • A rope hung neck breaker from Giulia onto Tam sent the fight outside, a running theme throughout the show.
  • Giulia utilised the guard rail a lot to wear Tam down before hitting a piledriver onto the challenger sending her straight through a table. This nearly caused Tam to get counted out as she recovered.
  • Gaining momentum, Giulia attempted the Glorious Driver again only for Tam to reverse it into a reverse DDT. Tam couldn’t recover immediately which opened Giulia up to slap the taste out of her mouth.
  • A big diving crossbody turned the tide in Tam’s favour. Pulling out all the stops, Tam stole Giulia’s Glorious Driver but again it could only get her a two count.
  • Getting her own back, Giulia hit Tam with some nasty headbutts before hitting her own Glorious Driver for a two count.
  • A violent slap exchange as the desperation of either woman was shown. Giulia almost gave a little respect to her opponent with her hands behind her back as Tam unleashed fury onto the champion.
  • The slaps sent Tam into full gear, hitting Giulia with a huge Falcon Arrow, in honour of the late FMW star Hayabusa as March 3rd was the anniversary of his death, to get the win. Picking up her first singles title and causing Giulia to be forced to shave her head bald.
  • In the conclusion of the match, Giulia and Tam exchanged words and claimed their respect for each other. In the tradition of the hair vs hair match, Giulia asked Tam to shave her hair but in tears she refused and even tried to tell the barber to stop cutting her hair. After most of the trim had been done, Giulia raised the new champion’s hand for their story to come to a close.