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SmackDown Star Hits Out At Ronda Rousey’s Conspiracy Theories

Ronda Rousey

A SmackDown star as taken aim at Ronda Rousey and her supposed interest in conspiracy theories.

Ronda Rousey captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Backlash and has since taken on all challengers. Her next challenge comes in the form of a former friend in Natalya. While the two were friends in the past, a recent social media sparring might suggest that their feud has split the two apart for good.

Natalya runs a YouTube channel with her sister Jenni Neidhart who also has subscription account featuring exclusive content. Rousey threw shade at the two sister’s online endeavours which resulted in Natalya firing back at her Women’s Championship opponent. Natalya defended her sister’s page and accused Rousey of believing in conspiracy theories.

This isn’t the first time Rousey has been pulled up over her sharing of unorthodox theories online. In 2013, the SmackDown Women’s Champion retweeted a controversial video regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy.

The video was from the “ThinkOutsideTheTV” YouTube channel which focused on highlighting a conspiracy theory about the tragedy itself. Rousey in her tweet posted that the video was “extremely interesting, and must-watch” which led to many being outraged for her opinions.

Rousey was absent from last week’s SmackDown after suffering an attack by Natalya. The two are set to square off for the title at Money In The Bank on July 2nd.