Staggering Price Of Seth Rollins’ WWE Raw Boots Revealed

Seth Rollins and The Miz

Not for the first time, Seth Rollins’ wardrobe choices got the internet buzzing following Monday Night Raw.

The former World Champion was a guest on Miz TV and arrived in a fishnet top, with a leather jacket and leather trousers. However, it was what was on his feet that grabbed the most attention.

The big red boots, seemingly based upon footwear worn by the iconic Japanese anime character Astro Boy have become a huge hit with influencers in recent weeks, so naturally, Rollins had to get in on the action. Art Collective group “MSCHF” recently released the boots and they’ve been a big talking point ever since.

How Much Are Seth Rollins’ Big Red Boots?

The boots retail at around $350 but on, a site dedicated to clothing and collectibles, the last sale was worth a remarkable $984, with the bidding on the item starting at $1,368.

On Raw, Rollins was greeted as a hero by the crowd in Brooklyn who sang his theme song long after the music had stopped playing. However, Rollins’ mood soon shifted as The Miz began to question him about Logan Paul.

In recent weeks Rollins has targeted Paul on social media claiming that he doesn’t like him and that the star doesn’t care about wrestling. When asked about the comments, Rollins refused to discuss them with Miz, at least initially. This led to a tense exchange where Rollins said that he didn’t need to mention Paul’s name as all he wanted was attention. This also created issues between the star and Miz, as Rollins said that A-Lister was stupid.

The verbal jabs eventually sparked a brawl with Miz left laying after Rollins delivered a Curb Stomp. Somehow things quickly got worse for Miz and his match with Rick Boogs began as he was still lying on the canvas. For the second time in succession, Boogs easily overpowered Miz to score a quick win.

It was recently reported that Seth Rollins will be squaring off against Logan Paul at WrestleMania.