Sports Medicine Doctor Analyses The Moment Adam Page Was Injured

Adam Page stands at ringside on AEW Dynamite 2022

The condition of ‘Hangman’ Adam Page has been a worrisome topic for AEW fans following the October 18th Title Tuesday broadcast of Dynamite. Wrestling the defending AEW World Champion Jon Moxley in the headline spot, Page fell limp as soon he was hit with a Lariat from Mox. The match was stopped and Page was stretched out of the venue.

A concussion was later ruled as the diagnosis and thankfully, Adam Page has confirmed that he is “doing alright”. It seems the former AEW World and World Tag Team Champion got off lightly, all things considered, as things could have taken a turn for the worse had the execution and subsequent fall gone even slightly differently.

Adam Page Could Have Suffered A Brain Injury

Dr Brian Sutterer, a sports medicine doctor, addressed the injury sustained by Adam Page during a recent video posted to YouTube, revealing how any slight change in the incident could have seen Page suffer a brain injury:

“As Page’s coming in here, you can see the contact that occurs to really more the left side of his neck and sort of upper jaw, and even if this doesn’t result in a direct impact to the head that causes the concussion, that amount of whiplash that you sustain is enough for the brain to move back and forth in the skull and give you what we call this counter-coup type of injury, that can certainly cause a concussion without that direct head trauma.

Now, there is enough there, I think, on the jaw of Page to warrant enough energy for a brain injury. Then, also as he comes to the mat [which] is probably the most concerning part of this, Because we’ve seen athletes in other sports – there was a bare-knuckle boxer who actually died recently, after suffering a spinal cord injury during the fall. So, as he comes down, you can see how he lands on his head, unfortunately, it bends a little bit off to the side here.

We’ve got one other view here that showed how Paige landed with his head on the mat. You can see how it’s not necessarily a direct axial load, meaning directly into the top of his head, but his head is sort of bent off to his left side.”

Dr Sutterer compared the injury suffered by Adam Page to that of Big E, who suffered a broken neck on WWE SmackDown’s March 11th broadcast.

H/T to Fightful.