Speedball Mike Bailey Reveals “In-Depth Discussions” With WWE Prior To IMPACT Signing

Speedball Mike Bailey in Impact Wrestling jacket

Speedball Mike Bailey is Impact Wrestling’s latest signing but revealed he was in talks with WWE before making his decision!

Impact Wrestling announced the signing of the indie star on October 31st. Scott D’Amore offered Bailey a contract at a Destiny Wrestling show in Canada.

Bailey has just lost a match to former Impact World Champion Josh Alexander when D’Amore entered the ring to make the offer. Speedball accepted the offer and sealed the deal by signing the contract on Alexander’s back.

Earlier this year, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that Bailey and WWE were in talks over a deal and the company were working on getting his visa issues resolved. Shortly after, our own Liam Alexander-Stewart asked ‘Speedball’ for his thoughts on the rumours:

“I mean I am very focused on long term goals and I am still not signed anywhere right now if that is the question.”

“Of course, I’m not specifically goal orientated. I will take whatever opportunities arise and go with it. I have a long term goal with wrestling which is to become a millionaire and share my passion and teach a good objectively fun replicable version of wrestling to as many people as possible but there are many steps between myself and that. I’ll get there by whatever way makes the most sense.”

In a new interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Bailey confirmed that he was in “in-depth discussions” with WWE prior to signing with Impact Wrestling:

“We went through a process and we had some pretty in-depth discussions. I didn’t sign a contract.

It pretty much went up to that point of me accepting an offer and going through the proceedings that would lead up to me signing for several months, and them deciding they were going in a different direction.”

Speedball Mike Bailey is a well-respected performer whose high-flying and martial arts style has wowed fans all over the world. He is expected to start with Impact in 2022.