‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey Confirms He Is Not Currently Signed With The WWE

Speedball Mike Bailey

International independent wrestling superstar ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey confirmed with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes’ that he is currently a free agent and has not signed to any promotion amidst reports he has entered negotiations with the WWE.

‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, best known to fans around the world for his work on the global Independent Circuit including DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan and a range of UK promotions including WWE affiliate company PROGRESS, was subject to recent reports stating that the Canadian was under negations with the WWE following the removal of his US travel ban in March earlier this year.

It was previously reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the WWE was in the process of tackling visa issues for the hybrid style performer ahead of signing the now thirty-year-old. It should be noted however that Dave Metlzer did not report that the Canadian has signed but rather that WWE was approaching Bailey with this intention.

The Wrestling Observer wrote:

“The company is working on signing and getting visa issues taken care of for a deal with Speedball Mike Bailey.”

During an interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey would respond to a question surrounding the reports of a contract with the WWE stating that he is currently not signed to any major promotions and that his long term goal in wrestling remains the same.

Bailey commented:

“I mean I am very focused on long term goals and I am still not signed anywhere right now, if that is the question”

The former DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion continued discussing his long term goals in wrestling to teach as many people as possible and to ‘become a millionaire’.

“Of course, I’m not specifically goal orientated. I will take whatever opportunities arise and go with it. I have a long term goal with wrestling which is to become a millionaire and share my passion and teach a good objectively fun replicable version of wrestling to as many people as possible but there are many steps between myself and that. I’ll get there by whatever way makes the most sense”

The Canadian Superstar would previously comment on these rumours whilst live on fellow Wrestler and fiancée Veda Scott’s Twitch stream, commenting:

“When I have anything to confirm or deny, I won’t do it on my Twitch channel.”

‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey last appeared in-ring back in September of 2020 for Quebec based promotion International Wrestling Syndicate/ IWS.

Inside The Ropes’ Liam Alexander-Stewart recently spoke with ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey about a range of topics including the stylistic differences in international wrestling, why Canadian wrestling continues to stagnate despite an incredible talent pool and what two wrestlers made him realise he truly doesn’t know anything about wrestling.

You can read the full transcript over at ITRWrestling.com

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