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Speculation Around Mayu Iwatani’s Injury Status

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has speculated over the injury status of former World of Stardom champion Mayu Iwatani.

In his latest daily update, the veteran journalist said the following:

Mayu Iwatani is out of action with a back injury. If you understand Japanese women’s wrestling, such an injury would have to be pretty significant to keep her out.

Mayu had recently been pulled from Stardom’s January 9th show, with the company citing ‘poor physical condition’ as the rationale.

However, the Stardom ‘Icon’ is currently slated to appear at the 10th Anniversary Show on January 17th, competing in a four way tag team elimination match.

But given her pairing with the lowly ranked Ruaka, it is highly likely that the duo may face early elimination thus limiting Mayu’s ring time.

Iwatani, whom many consider to be the company’s ‘Ace’, was part of the Stardom contingent featured at this year’s Wrestle Kingdom event.

In a losing effort, Mayu teamed with former STARS teammate Tam Nakano against the Donna del Mundo tandem of Giulia and Syuri, in what was her most recent outing.

Prior to that, Iwatani had recently dropped her World of Stardom title (or the Red Belt) to Utami Hayashishita, ending her staggering 377 day run with the title.