Sonya Deville Announces In-Ring Return

Sonya Deville

WWE authority figure Sonya Deville has announced that she is set to return to the ring.

After weeks of backstage conflict with Naomi, Sonya Deville has announced that she will be returning to the ring to face the former SmackDown Women’s Champion on the October 15th episode of the blue brand.

The match will be Deville’s first since SummerSlam 2020 where she was defeated by Mandy Rose.

Naomi arrived back on the blue brand on August 27th and immediately clashed with Deville. Naomi said that she was excited to be back and was looking forward to her first match.

However, the WWE authority figure seemed preoccupied with her phone before saying that she didn’t know anything about Naomi joining SmackDown. She openly questioned whether Naomi could measure up on the blue brand wondering whether Adam Pearce had done the deal behind her back.

In the weeks that followed Deville repeatedly denied Naomi’s requests for a match.

The pair again crossed words on SmackDown with Deville saying that Naomi wasn’t worthy of appearing in the Queen’s Crown tournament when she questioned her omission. At this Naomi asked to be drafted back to Raw, but Deville said that she had other plans. Those other plans turned out to be a match of her own next week.

Deville first crossed paths with WWE in 2015 where she appeared on the sixth season of Tough Enough. Despite not being victorious, the star joined NXT later the same year.

After arriving on the main roster in 2017 Deville began teaming extensively with Mandy Rose. Known as Fire and Desire, the team came close to the tag team championships, falling just short of claiming the gold. The pair later split, before feuding into the summer of 2020.

After her defeat at SummerSlam, Deville went on hiatus following an incident where a man broke into her home.