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Sonny Kiss Responds To Fans: “Please Stop With The ‘Nobody Wants To See That!'”


AEW Superstar, Sonny Kiss, has been at the epicentre of several controversial debates since stepping onto the AEW stage. Some involved the outspoken views of other wrestlers while others came straight from legends of the business such as Jim Cornette.

Now, the AEW star has taken to Twitter in order to defend their choice of ring attire and fight back against those who require pants to be worn while wrestling.

In one tweet, Kiss said:

“Look, you guys, know I don’t care about the ridiculous comments online AT ALL. However, please stop with the ‘put your pants on’ and ‘nobody wants to see that’ when there’s plenty of your fave wrestlers who wear MUCH less than me. Make it MAKE SENSE!’

In a second Tweet, the flamboyant grappler spoke briefly about other wrestlers who wear less but receive no criticism:

“Keep that same energy when your favorite wrestler’s (Aubergine/Eggplant emoji) is flopping around everywhere in their trunks or ignore my (Peach emoji) like you ignore that.”

Earlier this summer, the 26-year-old conducted an interview with Sports Illustrated to talk about why the character portrayed on screen was not a gimmick created by management, but a true representation of who Kiss really is.

“When I first started wrestling, people didn’t know what to make of me. They wanted to make me like Adrian Adonis or even Goldust. But I wouldn’t have thrived doing that. It wouldn’t have been real, and people can see through fakeness. For me, I was either going to the top as myself or I wasn’t. I’m not a gimmick, I’m myself. I don’t want to do anything that isn’t real.”

Identifying as gender-fluid, Kiss spoke about ‘The Concrete Rose’ nickname which pays homage to the 2004 album by Ashanti of the same name:

“‘The Concrete Rose’ sums up me as a person. Ashanti’s version of that was infusing her soulful vocals over a hip-hop beat. With me, it’s very similar. I’m a very unconventional, avant-garde person, so it’s a mantra I came up with as a teenager. It’s when two things that aren’t necessarily similar come together to make one awesome product. It’s not exuding a masculine or feminine quality exclusively. I’m a little rough around the edges, but I’m also bubbly. I’m a fan of a lot of things, and that comes together like different qualities in concrete and a rose. It’s basically two opposites coming together.”

Sonny Kiss isn’t a one trick pony, however. While performing inside the squared circle, the AEW star is also studying for a college degree and was happy to talk about his pursuit of further education:

“I’m a senior. I study fitness training, fitness science, and kinesiology. Tony Khan is very supportive of our other endeavors, and we have a great schedule. Even after Dark, I’ll go back to the hotel and do my homework for a few hours. Once you start to master time management, things become a little easier.”

Sonny Kiss has accomplished a lot in a relatively short main stage wrestling career, from challenging Cody for the AEW TNT Championship to becoming a mainstay on AEW Dark where a union has formed with Joey Janela.