Sonny Kiss AEW Absence Due To Injury

Sonny Kiss Thumb

According to AEW commentator, Tony Schiavone, Sonny Kiss was removed from AEW television due to an ongoing injury the star suffered prior to the 2020 Christmas period.

The last time anyone saw Kiss on AEW was December 22, 2020, when the talent battled Miro in a losing effort on the company’s Dark YouTube show. Though not confirmed, it is thought that the star suffered an injury during the loss rather than after the bout had come to its conclusion.

Appearing on AEW Dynamite’s Post-Show, former WCW commentator Tony Schiavone gave an update on Sonny and the injury he’s currently suffering. When quizzed about the absence, the man of few words had this to say:

“He’s been injured. I’ve seen him in the training room. So he’s been banged up. I’ve seen him in the gym but he’s just not able to perform. He is a tremendous athlete.”

Prior to his injury, Sonny Kiss was making headway in All Elite Wrestling in a tag team with Joey Janela. Appearing mainly as a mainstay on AEW Dark, the duo battled Jurassic Express and The Dark Order with the name’s biggest singles match to date coming against AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, on the October 21, 2020, AEW Dynamite.

Credit for the interview: AEW Post Show

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.