Son Of WWE Legend Says He Suffered 13 Concussions During His Career

Ted DiBiase is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his son's Ted Jr and Brett

WWE has received praise for implementing protocols on head injuries, and now a third-generation performer has shared just why strict regulations are so important, after admitting he suffered 13 concussions during his career.

Following in the footsteps of a Hall of Fame father will have offered plenty of education toward life as a professional wrestler but with it came pressure to succeed.

For Brett DiBiase, this led to him suffering multiple head injuries during an eight-year career that included lifting the FCW Tag Team Championships with Joe Henning, who later appeared on WWE’s main roster as Curtis Axel.

DiBiase has been speaking about his time with former WWE developmental promotion FCW, suffering 13 concussions and battling with an addiction to painkillers.

Appearing on the latest episode of Developmentally Speaking podcast, DiBiase shared that he twice overdosed on painkillers, stating in an emotional interview how “it almost cost me my life” as he struggled with his mental health working in the wrestling industry.

“Everybody could’ve walked away and labeled me an addict the rest of my life, but I can tell you now today, Brett DiBiase [has] come through that.

I’ve beaten an addiction that’s really hard to beat.

It almost cost me my life

And then I battled with depression and just the guilt and the shame and the mental torture and the feeling like I failed by not going further in the wrestling business, feeling like just it was all piled on top of me.”

WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H is a board member of the Concussion Legacy Foundation and alongside AEW received praise from Christopher Nowinski, the American neuroscientist.

Adam Cole recently discussed approaching a former WWE Champion for advice after suffering a concussion in a match with Samoa Joe.

Family Legacy Winning WWE Tag Team Titles

The DiBiase name is very familiar with winning Tag Team Gold in WWE. Brett’s Brother Ted DiBiase Jr won the WWE Tag Team Championships twice with the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble Winner Cody Rhodes.

Whilst their father, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, lifted the Titles three times with IRS. The veteran went on to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.

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