“Someone Better Spank Me” – Natalya Goes All In On TV-14


Natalya has REALLY embraced the idea of Monday Night Raw returning to a TV-14 rating.

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya has been in the news in recent days after the finish of a match at a WWE Live Event seemingly didn’t go to plan.

At the event, Natalya appeared to “no-sell” Liv Morgan’s finisher after being pinned by the move. Fan footage appeared to show the star shouting at Morgan before abruptly leaving the ring. While it was reported that there was an issue, during the match, the Queen of Harts has repeatedly played down the incident.

Responding to a report on social media suggesting she had heat with producers and writers, she wrote “THIS IS BOB. Natalya’s assistant. Your article is COMPLETE SH*T”

Seemingly also wanting to get involved in the fun, Natalya’s husband and WWE producer TJ Wilson picked up the baton. He quoted the tweet, before writing “I’m definitely going to have to talk to Mr McMahon about your attitude.”

The star then upped the ante quite spectacularly, joking that she was angry she was getting featured so much on television and wrestling championship matches. In fact, she is so mad, that she thinks she deserves a spanking. She ended with the post with the hashtag PG-14Nattie. A reference to recent reports suggesting that Monday Night Raw will soon be returning to a PG-14 rating.


While it was initially reported that the ‘PG Era’ would be ending on July 18th, it appears that the online excitement might have been a little premature.

In a fresh update it was noted that the move is still under consideration but will not be happening on July 18th.