“Some Very Bad People Made An Example” Out Of Wrestling Legend

Gino Hernandez

Pro-wrestling can be a dark industry with a seedy underbelly. Stories have emerged over the decades of wrestlers being involved with bad actors and in some cases criminal syndicates. It’s with that association in mind that Nickla “Baby Doll” Roberts questioned the narrative about the death of Gino Hernandez.

Hernandez began his wrestling career in 1975 when he was only eighteen years old. However, his career came to a sudden end only ten years later when he was found dead in his apartment. This is where the disputes come in.

The official cause of death determined after an autopsy, and the one described in Gino Hernandez’s episode of Dark Side Of The Ring, was a cocaine overdose. However, Baby Doll has criticized this narrative and theorized that “Gorgeous Gino” was killed by “some very bad people” in an interview with WSI.

“I had heard [it was] as massive cocaine overdose. I had also heard that someone had murdered him because of his ties with the mob and that he had owed some money from gambling, and every once in a while, they make an example of people and say, ‘We can take care of him, we can take care of you.’

With the amount of cocaine that was in the autopsy, there was no way someone could ingest that amount of cocaine unless you’re just eating it by the spoonfuls, [and] no one does that.”

Baby Doll points out inconsistencies in Gino Hernandez’s autopsy

Additionally, Baby Doll noted that the initial reports stated that Gino had cigarettes in his house and she found this suspicious because Hernandez wasn’t a smoker and hated them so much that he didn’t allow them in his home, regardless of whether or not they were even going to be smoked.”

“I would like to think that he’s somewhere on a beach, drinking a Mai Tai with a pretty girl, that he escaped all of this. But I think that some very bad people made an example out of him, and that they’d had enough.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription