Some Talent Unhappy As Triple H Plans WrestleMania Changes

Triple H shouts at Kevin Owens on WWE Raw 2019

For many within professional wrestling, WrestleMania is seen as the pinnacle of the industry, and it seems that Triple H is determined to make WWE’s current roster work for a spot on the card.

As WrestleMania has grown so has the length of the shows and the number of talents used on those shows. This created a scenario where it was commonplace for a series of multi-person matches or Battle Royals to be added to the card in order to try and give everyone a spot. However, for 2023, that has seemingly gone out of the window.

According to a new report from WrestlingNews.Co, Triple H is taking a more old-school approach in putting the card together. This means that a number of Superstars are set to be left on the sidelines.

The report states that there is currently no Battel Royal planned and only a “small handful of talent” will be used across the two-night extravaganza. Naturally, this apparently hasn’t gone down with everyone backstage. Some are said to be unhappy about the use of legends and celebrities on the card, and there is some unhappiness among those who look set to miss the show.

Update On Triple H Being Disappointed With Returning WWE Stars

Since Triple H assumed creative control of the main roster one of the main features of his stewardship has been the re-signing of a number of former stars he worked with in NXT. This has included the likes of Hit Row, Dakota Kai, Bray Wyatt, and Braun Strowman. Back in December, it was reported that The Game was “underwhelmed” by some of the performances from talents he had brought back.

However, a fresh report has claimed that this isn’t the case, and many of the signings were about adding depth to the Raw and SmackDown rosters.