Solo Sikoa Compares Pairing With Sami Zayn To Spider-Man And The Hulk

Solo Sikoa

Sami Zayn is Spider-Man. Solo Sikoa is the Hulk. This, according to Sikoa.

Making his debut on WWE‘s main roster at their Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event, Solo Sikoa helped Roman Reigns retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Drew McIntyre. Following the interference, Solo Sikoa officially became a member of The Bloodline. With Sami Zayn, he’s another member of the Samoan mafia that is fresh to faction, however, Reigns has gave him acknowledgment as the “Honorary Uce” of the group. When the stable grew, so did the relationship of Sikoa and Zayn in the process, and it’s brought them success.

Solo Sikoa And Sami Zayn Are Super Heroes

On October 19, 2022 making an appearance on World Wrestling Entertainment’s “The Bump,” Solo Sikoa spoke about his partnership with Sami Zayn. When asked about his feelings towards Zayn, Sikoa pointed out that he was cool with Zayn as long as Roman Reigns is.

“Listen, if Roman likes Sami, I like Sami. If Roman don’t like Sami, I don’t like Sami. So as long as the Tribal Chief accepts Sami Zayn, I do.

I feel like Sami’s like the mind of the group and in the powerhouse. He can play mind games with people and try to work his way around, but here I come. ‘Sami, whatever it is you need me to take out, I’ll take ‘em out.’ It’s like two superheroes, man. He’s the Spider-Man, I’m the Hulk, and can’t nobody stop us when we’re together. That’s what I feel like.”

Sami Zayn also made an appearance on the show, stating:

“I think Solo has a lot of, I don’t want to call it potential because he’s already operating at such a high level, but in addition to that, being new here because this place is crazy, it really is. To be thrown into the mix at the highest level, which is with The Bloodline, and to be able to swim with the sharks right away, you almost can’t even talk about potential at this point.

It’s about how quickly he’s been able to pick it up at this level, and eyes and ears open. I think he took a look at ‘The Honorary Uce’, and he saw that there were some things he could pick up, and I appreciated how receptive he was. I think both of our egos are down in the name of helping, not only each other but the cause with The Bloodline. There’s this weird Arab/Samoan connection, and I don’t really know what it is, but we just get each other.”

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