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“It’s So Frustrating” – Jake Roberts On AEW Star’s Booking

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts has hit out at the booking of one particular AEW star, commenting that it’s frustrating to watch.

In March 2020, Jake Roberts arrived in AEW interrupting Cody Rhodes, before promising that he had a client on the way who would destroy the star. A week later that client was revealed to be Lance Archer.

Over the following two years, Archer has wrestled for the AEW World Championship as well as finding success with New Japan Pro Wrestling, defeating Jon Moxley to become a two-time IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

However, since then Archer’s momentum has slowed significantly, and his appearances on Dynamite have become less and less frequent.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast alongside Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts commented on the situation the Murderhawk Monster finds himself in. The WWE Hall of Famer said it was frustrated to see how Archer is being used, especially considering his impressive physical gifts.

“It is so frustrating for me to see Lance in the spot that he is in,” Roberts stated. “He’s such a phenomenal athlete, he’s in such great shape, he’s got an unbelievable look. The only thing Lance doesn’t do really well is talk and that’s why they brought me.”

Lance Archer hasn’t won a singles match on AEW Dynamite since defeating Frankie Kazarian in January. Archer most recently featured in the special Casino Battle Royale on the June 8th edition of Dynamite as AEW look to crown an Interim World Champion.

This isn’t the first time that Roberts has been critical of AEW storylines, recently commenting that MJF’s pipe bomb promo “made him sick.” He added that there could be “repercussions” in the locker room after the explosive segment.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.