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Snoop Dogg Has No WWE Heat From AEW Appearance

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According to Fightful, there is zero heat on Snoop Dogg from World Wrestling Entertainment for his appearance for All Elite Wrestling.

On January 6, the artist appeared on AEW New Year’s Smash Night One when he accompanied and sang Cody Rhodes to the ring in what was said to be a spot of joint promotion for the Go Big Show programme which will also air on TBS.

Dogg couldn’t just stand-by and let others have all the fun, though. Following Cody’s bout, Snoop got physical and delivered a frog splash from the top rope to the amazement of ‘The American Nightmare’ and others.

The move earned him a tweet from cousin Sasha Banks, who told her family member that they’re going to have to work on his skills between the ropes.

Now, Fightful and their subscription service, Fightful Select, have reported that despite what other may say, there is no heat from WWE on the recording mega-star for what he did with the company:

Based on WWE sources, there’s absolutely no heat on Snoop Dogg in WWE. Most we heard from said they expected him to do something promotional with AEW considering that he likes wrestling and since Cody Rhodes was a cast member with him on the Go Big Show. One source said that WWE doesn’t have a deal with Snoop Dogg and doesn’t own him, so there’s no reason for any sort of heat just because they’ve worked together in the past.

Away from his ties to current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks, Snoop Dogg has made several appearances on WWE television over the years. At WrestleMania 32, he sang ‘The Boss’ to the ring, battled Chavo Guerrero on the October 19, 2009, Monday Night Raw, served as Master of Ceremonies at WrestleMania 24 and is a WWE Hall of Famer.