SmackDown Star Opens Up About Recent Online Abuse

WWE SmackDown Crowd

A current SmackDown Superstar has opened up about the torrent of abuse they have recently received online.

As anyone who has ever appeared in one will tell you, Ladder Matches are from easy to put together and to execute safely.

This is made even more difficult in multi-person matches such as the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. At the recent event Theory emerged victorious in the men’s bout, while Liv Morgan won the women’s edition. Morgan went on to cash in her contract later in the show, pinning Ronda Rousey to claim the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The women’s match in particular came in for some criticism from fans online, with a couple of spots being a little rough around the edges. As is the nature of social media, the rough moments, including one featuring Shotzi and Alexa Bliss were immediately seized upon.

While Shotzi initially appeared in defiant mood in face of the criticism, telling haters to “suck her big giant hairy mangos,” she later deleted her Twitter account. The SmackDown star pointed fans posting “terrible things” while calling for her to be fired, for her upset at the situation.

In a new post on her Instagram Stories, Shotzi said that she was fine and thanked fans for their support, while looking ahead to a positive future.

“I appreciate everyone checking on me but I swear I’m fine. I have been going through the toughest year of my personal life so it’s deeper than nasty comments, but also Twitter has not helped with my already fragile mind state. Just trying to stay motivated and positive. I am focused on my goals and not what’s on the internet,”

Shotzi signed with WWE in late 2019 and initially appeared on NXT. The star went on to become NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Ember Moon (Athena) before moving to the main roster in the summer of 2021.