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SmackDown Results – November 20, 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with just two days to go till Survivor Series!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

  • Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre sign the contract for their Survivor Series showdown
  • Daniel Bryan Vs. Jey Uso
  • Seth Rollins Vs. Murphy

New Day Open The Show, Multiple Superstars Interrupt

  • Street Profits open the show from the refurbished champion’s lounge as they recap the Undertaker’s final farewell at Survivor Series on Sunday. We get a tease of the Deadman appearing but it’s just Big E.
  • Big E leads into the Street Profits’ match against New Day at Survivor Series and puts over Kofi and Xavier. Street Profits said they’re gonna beat both of New Day’s “a$$es” but E replies that Kofi and Xavier are here tonight!
  • Xavier and Kofi say the Street Profits are right to want the smoke because they don’t want the fire the New Day deliver. This leads into a dual tribute to The Undertaker, where both Kofi and Xavier sat up with their eyes rolled up before Sami Zayn interrupts.
  • Zayn says he wants his revenge on Taker for chokeslamming him at MSG last year and says he won’t hurt New Day if they regale him with praise instead of The Deadman before King Corbin interrupts.
  • Corbin reminds New Day that they had their SmackDown farewell a month ago before Roode & Ziggler make their way to the ring.
  • Roode & Ziggler say they also have a claim to the tag titles so New Day set up a challenge between the two teams but Roode & Ziggler attack them instead before the Street Profits make the save and clear the ring.

Analysis: This opener felt a little lazy to me to be honest, leading into a very obvious 8-man tag where we wonder whether the RAW and SmackDown tag team champions can get along to overcome the opposing team tonight. It just came across a little predictable and lazy to me as it’s really common on go-home shows, though the match should give us a good preview of what’s to come on Sunday.

The Street Profits & The New Day defeat Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode via Pinfall in 12:10

  • The match started pretty evenly until Montez Ford tagged in and the match broke down, during which Kofi accidentally hit Ford with a diving crossbody.
  • The heels focused on Ford, isolating him from the rest of his team before Ford managed to tag in Xavier and the champions managed to hit all their finishers.
  • Ford managed to pick up the win for his team after hitting a huge Frog Splash to pin the Intercontinental Champion!
  • Street Profits and New Day stared down each other with their titles held aloft ahead of their match at Survivor Series!

Analysis: A very typical go-home show 8-man tag, giving us a Survivor Series preview from Zayn, Street Profits and New Day ahead of Sunday. The match itself was great and gave the tag division a very long showing though it did lack quite a bit of logic. Last week, SmackDown established that RAW & SmackDown superstars can’t just face off against each other but suddenly in this match, they just can no problem? It’s just a little disappointing to see a lack of justification for this after they did such a good job last week.

Daniel Bryan Interview

  • Kayla stars interviewing Bryan before Sami Zayn interrupts and asks if Bryan thinks he’s better than him. Sami continues ranting at him before pushes him to the ground and Sami says he’ll get him back as he makes his escape.
  • After an ad break, Kayla asks Bryan about if he’s concerned about returning so soon after Jey attacked him three weeks ago. Bryan says he doesn’t entirely blame Jey Uso and says he has a devil on his shoulder calling the shots.
  • Bryan says Jey Uso is the one who should be concerned as the devil on Bryan’s shoulder is screaming at him after he saw his daughter crying when she saw him following the attack.

Analysis: Fantastic passionate promo from Bryan here. You can really sense the fire within him to get his revenge on Uso after his heinous attack a few weeks ago. Bryan looks like he’s gonna go all-out against the Uso brother and I, for one, cannot wait for their match later in the show!

Adam Pearce Selects Two Team SmackDown Members, Makes Final Qualifying Match

  • Adam Pearce selects Otis as the final member of the men’s SmackDown Survivor Series team, Chad Gable appears to congratulate his new client and the two walk away as Natalya confronts Pearce.
  • Natalya complains that she has yet another qualifying match as Pearce announces he picked Bayley for the second last spot on the team.
  • Pearce informs Natalya that her qualifying match is next as she takes on Tamina.

Analysis: Otis as the final Team SmackDown men’s member is an interesting choice. Some might argue that Big E would have been the stronger choice and whilst I agree in-ring, I think Otis has had a stronger presence over the last few weeks and feels like a more prominent character, compared to E who’s been stuck promoting New Day Vs. Street Profits. Glad Bayley’s joining Team SmackDown too, was a little worried she’s get lost in the shuffle after losing to Sasha but hopefully, competing in the Survivor Series match leads on to more stories for her following Sunday.

Natalya defeats Tamina via Submission, qualifying for the Women’s SmackDown Survivor Series Team in 2:31

  • Bianca Belair joins commentary but Bayley interrupts and joins commentary herself. Bayley continually anoints herself as the team captain, which Belair disputes.
  • Tamina throws Natalya into the steel steps early on, injuring the BOAT’s knee.
  • Natalya regains control, however, and locks in the Sharpshooter to qualify for the team. The complete women’s Team SmackDown celebrate in the ring with Bayley gloating in particular.

Analysis: Natalya FINALLY gets her spot on Team SmackDown after failing to qualify for weeks. I don’t entirely get the logic of her continually getting opportunities to qualify week after week but it made for a nice arching story the last few weeks. The women’s Smackdown Survivor Series is looking strong now it’s finally complete and there’s a ton of interesting match-ups that could occur on Sunday!

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns’ Survivor Series Contract Signing

  • Roman says he’s been in Drew’s shoes and that Drew is in the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. Drew says he’s not going to give in to Roman’s goading and that he proved Roman wrong by winning the WWE Championship on Monday.
  • Drew signs the contract and hands it to Roman before telling him to “prepare for war”.
  • Roman hesitates before berating Drew for trying to give him advice and says he’ll give him one last lesson: That he is a secondary titleholder, the guy that replaces Roman when he’s too busy.
  • Roman says that he’s the face of WWE and that one day Drew’ll have the chance to be in his position and he’ll thank Roman because Drew’ll always be Roman’s favourite number 2 as Roman signs the contract.

Analysis: A tense, endearing staredown between the two world champions! I’m almost a little disappointed this is just a Survivor Series champion vs champion feud because this has made me crave a full-on Roman Vs. Drew feud. With a properly established story, these two could very well make a Wrestlemania-worthy match though they’ve not done a bad job at all with the limited build they’ve been given for their Survivor Series showdown. The two have fantastic chemistry both on the mic and in the ring so expect magic when the two collide this Sunday.

Murphy defeats Seth Rollins via Pinfall in 11:26

  • Before the match, Rollins says that Murphy was nothing before he came under his wing and that he’s responsible for every good thing Murphy has: His career, his future and his relationship.
  • Rollins says he will teach Murphy his final lesson and that Murphy will go back to being a nobody, like how he was before Rollins saved him.
  • The Mysterio family accompany Murphy to his match with the Messiah.
  • Rollins manages to tie Murphy up in the ropes early on before attempting to bring in a kendo stick, which Rey disarms him of. He and Dominik distract Rollins long enough for Murphy to escape. Rollins manages to dodge Murphy’s offence and drive him into the barricade.
  • Rollins proceeded to punish his former disciple in front of the Mysterios, hitting a big Superplex/Falcon Arrow combination for a near-fall.
  • Rollins managed to hit the Stomp and a Buckle Bomb for another near-fall but Murphy surprised his former mentor with a knee strike.
  • Murphy stuns Rollins with a second knee strike and hits Murphy’s Law to defeat the Messiah! He and the Mysterios celebrate in the ring before we cut quickly to Sasha Banks making her entrance.

Analysis: Great match between these two to close out their feud! Rollins attempted to pull out some rare offence to keep his former disciple down, like the Buckle Bomb, but Murphy proved he had eclipsed the Messiah! I do wish that Murphy had just done this on his own as the Mysterios already got their comeuppance on Rollins last week but seeing them throw their full support behind Murphy was nice to see. Was not a fan of them cutting straight into promoting the next segment without letting Murphy bask in his victory though. As much as I like Sasha, there was no need to overshadow Murphy’s victory by announcing her segment was next.

Sasha Banks and Asuka Face Off In The Ring

  • Sasha and Asuka continually taunt each other, with Asuka reminding Banks she beat her for the very belt she now carries.
  • Sasha says they don’t have to wait till Sunday and the two looks ready to throw down before Carmella attacks Sasha as Asuka watches on.
  • Carmella hangs up Sasha in the corner and delivers a Superkick to a prone Sasha, delivering a bold statement to the SmackDown Women’s Champion in the process.

Analysis: Probably my least favourite segment of the whole show. Due to Sasha dealing with the fallout of her feud with Bayley as well as her blossoming feud with Carmella, the build to her Survivor Series encounter with Asuka has been practically non-existent and it really showed as they seemed to try and squeeze it all into this one segment. There were signs of good potential here with Asuka having beaten Banks for the RAW Women’s Championship not that long ago and the two exchanging great verbal offence at each other but ultimately, this felt ham-fisted and was overshadowed by Carmella’s attack of Sasha to close it out. Disappointed in the build, but I’m sure these two will have a great match anyway on Sunday.

Daniel Bryan defeats Jey Uso via Pinfall in 13:36

  • Before the match, Jey is interviewed by Kayla. He says he has the green light to talk to Kayla and get his revenge on Bryan.
  • Jey says he attacked Bryan because he wanted to and not just because Roman told him to. Uso says he’s listening to his own devil inside him and that devil is telling him to go beat up Daniel Bryan.
  • Both men started aggressively with Bryan laying in several brutal strikes as Uso runs Bryan into the announcer’s table.
  • Bryan hits a Tope Suicida but injuries his lower back in the process. He attempts to run at Uso, but Jey counters with a back body drop to put Bryan through the announcer’s table.
  • Uso focused on Bryan’s back for the remainder of the match, delivering several strikes and suplexes to Bryan’s chest and back to weaken the Leader of the Yes Movement further.
  • Uso delivered a huge superplex to Bryan for a near-fall before delivering ground-and-pound knee strikes to Bryan’s back.
  • Bryan eventually created an opening with a back superplex from the top before laying a series of brutal Yes Kicks for a near-fall.
  • Bryan attempted the Running High Knee but Uso counters with 3 Superkicks before attempting the Uso Splash, which Bryan counters into a roll-up to pick up the win! Bryan celebrates as the show goes off-air.

Analysis: A good match where Bryan got his revenge but ultimately it did feel a little inconsequential, both in comparison to Murphy/Rollins encounter earlier in the night and in terms of the overarching direction of the show in its build to Survivor Series, to which this match didn’t contribute. I feel like Murphy/Rollins might have been the stronger match to main event the show, especially if Murphy had been given those few extra moments to relish in his victory, though I understand this will most likely lead into Bryan Vs. Roman following Survivor Series, hence the match’s prominent position.

And that was the November 20th 2020 episode of WWE Smackdown!

A good show with quite a bit of go-home filler that weighed it down somewhat. Murphy and Rollins had a great match to close out their feud and Drew and Roman delivered a very passionate and tense promo war heading into their match this Sunday!

Unfortunately, Sasha Banks and Asuka’s confrontation felt ham-fisted and rushed in its attempt to create a last-minute story behind the two’s match on Sunday and the multiple logic-defying cross-brand appearances throughout the show felt like a step backwards after the great justification for Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso’s match last week. especially as we’re only just over a month from the brand split occuring.

Keep up-to-date with all the fallout from this week’s SmackDown, as well as all the latest WWE news in general, right here at Inside The Ropes.