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Sin Cara Reflects On Argument With Cesaro Before Elimination Chamber


Cinta de Oro, formerly Sin Cara, has opened up about being involved in the first-ever Tag Team Elimination Chamber match, revealing that he and Cesaro were involved in an argument beforehand.

The former WWE Superstar told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy about the “crazy” day, saying a lot of guys were “upset” ahead of the match.

“That day was crazy! Everybody was… A lot of the guys were a little upset and a lot of things that were going on, it was just a lot of, like, crazy stuff going on.”

Cinta de Oro recalled how he congratulated Cesaro following the former United States Champion’s WrestleMania win, with Tyson Kidd hinting towards the altercation.

“It was the first Tag Team Elimination Chamber ever so I remember we were trying to get everything in order and and then it was just crazy. The other day, I posted a picture of me and Cesaro because he won his WrestleMania match and then Tyson [Kidd] commented on that. He said like, ‘Oh, I remember what happened before the match’ – because me and Cesaro got in a little argument before the match. So everybody thought we were going to get in this crazy fight or whatever, and then we ended up having an amazing match. It was a great experience for me to be in the first.”

The former Lucha Dragon revealed how a lot of that match was done “on the fly” and that he really enjoyed the match.

“So a lot of the things just came out on the fly, you know, a lot of things that we did. We just felt the crowd and it was just an awesome experience. So, it was good to be able to work with all those guys – Tyson, Cesaro, Kofi, all those guys. Everybody wanted to perform to the best of their abilities. When you have people working like that, you know the match is going to be great. I really enjoyed that match.”

The argument with Cesaro wasn’t Cinta de Oro’s only altercation in WWE, with the former Lucha Dragon confirming that he was sent to anger management classes in WWE.

“Well, yeah, I got sent to anger management classes, that’s true. That’s very true. Yeah, I got sent to anger management classes. That’s true. And well, I had to do it because I had a couple of altercations throughout my career in the company.

Cinta de Oro went on to say disagreements are just the nature of the business, and that no grudges are ever held.

“But, you know, the thing about about us is that, you know, as wrestlers, as performers, we may have a disagreement one day and we can take it out on ourselves and then the next day we’ll be fine. No grudge. Nothing. It was just that spur of the moment. And that’s it.”

Sin Cara went on to say how he has no problems with any of the people he was involved in an altercation with, and that it’s just something that happens in wrestling.

“I did have a couple scuffles with some of them. But to this day, like me and Sheamus are really good friends, me and Jericho have no problem. Simon Gotch, I wish him the best. We’re not friends, but I wish him the best. I don’t wish him nothing bad. But it was one of those things that sometimes happens. We’re men, we’re in a sport where, you know, you want to be number one, you want to be the best. I understand and I get it. But that is true. I got into anger management classes. And I don’t have an anger problem but I guess it was because I have gone through a few of those things and they just wanted to, in a sense, to see if I if I needed help. I guess. I don’t know.”

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