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Sin Cara Recalls “Cool” Interaction With “Humble” Undertaker


Cinta de Oro, formerly known as Sin Cara, has recalled his most surreal interaction with a WWE legend

The former WWE Superstar told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy about how he got to face the likes of Sgt Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan inside the squared circle during his time with the company, but the former Lucha Dragon named The Undertaker when asked about his most surreal moment – despite saying everyone was really nice.

“I had great experiences with a lot of them. Everybody, most of them were really nice, really cool.”

When pinpointing an exact moment, Cinta de Oro recalled coming back from injury and doing a signing at Axxess, only to be approached by The Deadman.

“I remember the last appearance that I was at, I was still coming back from injury and the last WrestleMania that was in New York. And I was sitting down at the table and waiting. We were at Axxess and I was sitting down waiting to do my signing, and then I just see this big guy comes right next to me, like this, and then put out his hand. It was Undertaker.

The former Sin Cara, clearly still taken aback by the situation, went on to detail the encounter with a “humble” Undertaker.

“He came up to me to say hi to me! He comes up and I get up and I say, ‘Hi, how you doing, sir?’ But it was really cool. And that was something really cool about him. You know, he’s a very humble guy, very cool person. But it was just crazy. I’m sitting down and you see these big shadow, it was like, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ It’s Taker, so I got up, ‘Hey, how you doing, sir?’ So I got up and started talking to him, but that was that was a really cool, cool thing that he did coming up to me instead of me, because he could just sit down and we’ll have to let you know…”

Thank you to Cinta de Oro for taking the time. You can read the full interview here.

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