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Simone Johnson Hits Out At Critics Of New WWE Name

Simone Johnson

Simone Johnson, the daughter of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has hit out at critics after WWE gave her the new name of Ava Raine.

Simone Johnson joined WWE as a trainee at the Performance Center in February 2020 at just 18-years-old. As the daughter of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, she is set to be the first fourth-generation Superstar in WWE history. Both her grandfather, Rocky Johnson, and great-grandfather ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia were also legends of the squared circle.

At the time of her signing, Johnson said she was grateful to have the opportunity to carry on her family’s legacy.

Now, the future star has seemingly reached a new phase of her career as she unveiled a new ring name on her Twitter account by changing her handle to “AvaRaineWWE”, indicating she will be known as Ava Raine going forward.

Now Simone Johnson has responded to critics of her new WWE moniker, taking issue with one fan who complained about the company not making the most of her connection with The Rock:

“i probably sound like a broken record & hopefully this is the last i’ll mention this but i don’t understand why people being portrayed as separate individuals from their family name is such a heated topic. a name doesn’t discredit any prior accomplishments from any family”

“i could build my entire career around my father & people would still bash me anyway”

“& im not trying to ignore or undermine all the sweet comments & support i get thank you guys”

NXT currently has several stars from famous wrestling families who have had their names changed. Sola Sikoa is the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey Uso, Arianna Grace is the daughter of Santino Marella, and most famously, NXT Champion Bron Breakker is the son of Rick Steiner.