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Simon Gotch Claims Bray Wyatt Told Him To Never Speak To Vince McMahon

Simon Gotch

Simon Gotch has claimed that Bray Wyatt told him never to speak to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as he “wouldn’t like” his personality.

Seth Lesser, better known as Simon Gotch in WWE, joined NXT in 2013 before going on to team with Aiden English as The Vaudevillians.

The pair won the NXT Tag Team Championships, and were called up to the main roster in 2016. However, the duo failed to find success on SmackDown and Gotch was released in April 2017.

Reflecting on his time in WWE on the Cafe de Rene podcast with Rene Dupree, Gotch recalled some advice he was given by Bray Wyatt. The tag team star said that the former World Champion told him never to speak directly to Vince McMahon, as the WWE Chairman wouldn’t like him.

“I got told early on by Bray Wyatt, who was always very kind, he said, ‘Don’t ever talk to Vince,’” Gotch said. “An observation similar to what you made about me, Rene, he had said, ‘Vince will not like your personality,’ and it would not behoove me to go in and speak to him directly.”

Continuing on, Gotch said that he went against Wyatt’s advice and pitched an angle to McMahon, which initially seemed to go down well. Despite this, he was released just a couple of weeks later.

“I went in, I talked to Vince, I pitched an angle, he seemed to like it,” Gotch continued. “And I got fired like two weeks later… I should have [listened to Wyatt] but, at the end of the day, it was one of those deals where for the sake of my own sanity, I needed that to happen.”

During his own time in WWE, Bray Wyatt enjoyed something of a turbulent relationship with Vince McMahon. Now AEW star Matt Hardy recently revealed that McMahon “punished” and “insulted” the star while also bending over backwards to accommodate him.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.