Sidemen React To Logan Paul’s WWE 2K22 Debut

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On top of his many other accolades, Logan Paul can now call himself a video game superstar, as his fellow Sidemen have congratulated Paul on his WWE 2K22 debut.

When Logan Paul was brought into WWE by Sami Zayn ahead of WrestleMania 37, nobody could have expected how naturally the Paul brother would take to the sport. Paul worked marvellously well with both Zayn and Kevin Owens last April, and followed that up by outshining everyone at this year’s ‘Mania.

Outside of the actual ring, however, Logan Paul was recently added to the WWE 2K22 roster. He featured in WWE 2K22’s latest DLC pack – The Whole Dam Pack – with players able to play as Paul and simulate his impending SummerSlam clash with The Miz.

The Sidemen, a collective of British Internet personalities, have reached to the news of Logan’s video game debut. Emmanuel John Brown, known colloquially as Manny, quote-tweeted a video of Logan Paul in-game, stating how Paul’s achievements have to be respected:

“Years ago I couldn’t stand Logan. Now you just actually have to respect it. He’s done a madness.”

Logan Paul returned to WWE earlier this year, being unveiled as The Miz’s surprise partner to face Rey and Dominik Mysterio on night one of WrestleMania 37. He ended up impressing many with his skills, possessing a level of wrestling not often associated with celebrity performers.

Although he and ‘The A-Lister’ were victorious over The Mysterios, Logan ate a Skull Crushing Finale post-match. Now an officially-contracted WWE Superstar, Paul will do battle with the former WWE Champion at SummerSlam.

WWE 2K22’s Whole Dam Pack was released on Tuesday, 19 July, and features Rob Van Dam, Machine Gun Kelly, LA Knight, Commander Azeez, Xia Li, and Sarray alongside the social media star.