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Shotzi Apologises After Meat Loaf Comment On Social Media

Shotzi Meat Loaf

SmackDown star Shotzi has issued a public apology after she was accused of disrespect due to a post she made following the death of rock icon Meat Loaf.

The music world was rocked by the sad announcement of Meat Loaf’s death on the 20th of January at the age of 74. The Bat out Of Hell signer was reported to have been suffering from COVID-19 before his untimely passing.

An outpouring of grief followed online with many fans of the star taking to social media to share their condolences and memories following his death.

WWE Superstar Shotzi had Tweeted after hearing the news:

“Woah. I ate meatloaf last night. RIP.”

The post was deleted almost instantly but some fans who saw it accused Shotzi of making a crass joke at the late singer’s expense. Shotzi has since issued an apology, assuring fans that she did not mean to make light of the situation:

“I honestly was not trying to make a joke about Meatloaf’s passing. I legitimately made a meatloaf on Thursday while listening to ‘paradise by the dashboard light’ on repeat so I was shocked by the coincidence and impulsively posted about it.”

“I took down the post immediately within a few minutes because I quickly realized it was disrespectful and insensitive when in reality I am actually a huge fan. This has consumed me and I feel very gross. ‘I’m genuinely sorry to the friends and family that saw that post. I can’t stop thinking about how that might have made anyone close to him feel.”

Meat Loaf previously made a brief foray into the world of sports entertainment when he appeared on Raw in 2011. The star tried to persuade Randy Orton to let Meat Loaf sing new entrance music for The Viper but the scene ended in a familiar style with Orton nailing the legend with an RKO.