Shocking Update On Reasons Behind Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Departure

Stephanie McMahon

On January 10th Stephanie McMahon announced that she was leaving WWE to spend more time with her family. However, there appears to be far more to the story.

With the news of Stephanie’s departure fresh in the air it was announced that Vince McMahon had been elected Executive Chairman. This was swiftly followed by claims that WWE had been purchased by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. However, reports of the latter appear to have been premature.

Stephanie McMahon had only returned to WWE in June 2022, having taken a leave of absence the month previously. The former Chief Brand Officer only came back so quickly due to the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding her father Vince McMahon. When taking her leave of absence in May, Stephanie retained her seat on the Board of Directors, however, on this occasion she has left the company altogether.

Stephanie McMahon “Essentially Removed From Her Position”

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has attempted to clear up the time line of events and what actually took place. Vince McMahon’s return to WWE actually took place on January 5th as noted by a legal filing, although it wasn’t announced by WWE publicly until a day later.

Meltzer added that Vince replaced Stephanie on the Board on January 9th, with her resignation taken officially the next day. The report also noted that Stephanie was “essentially removed from her position,” hinting things weren’t as straightforward as the former co-CEO deciding to leave of her own accord.

“On 1/5, when he got back power, Vince did a filing which included changes in bylaws giving him the power in writing to remove anyone from the Board at any time, either with or without cause, and the power to add new people.

Vince’s replacing Stephanie as Chairman of the Board was actually on 1/9, as was the unanimous vote with Stephanie off the board. Her letter of resignation from the company was taken officially the next day. Essentially she was removed from her position and then Vince was voted in unanimously.

Stephanie announced she was leaving, but unlike the first time, this was a complete break. It was not a leave of absence but a resignation. And she gave up her position on the Board of Directors.”

It has previously been reported that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon opposed the idea of WWE being sold.