Surprising Heel Turn Leads Jon Moxley To Victory On AEW Dynamite

Don Callis Kenny Omega in AEW

The 5/10 episode of AEW Dynamite kicked off with a bloody, violent main event steel cage match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.

Mox and Omega both vowed it would be violence we hadn’t seen on live television before, and they were quite right. With a barbed-wire steel chair, shards of glass, and a screwdriver all used at various points in the match. But perhaps the biggest shocker of all wasn’t the violence itself, but rather the closing moments of the contest.

Just as Omega was finishing off Mox with his signature one-winged angel, Don Callis suddenly attacked with a screwdriver in his hand, stabbing his longtime protege Kenny Omega right in the face. The crowd gasped as Mox took advantage of the opportunity and pinned Omega for the win. Bryan Danielson, Mox’s teammate, was on commentary and said he had no idea why Callis decided to attack Omega, making it seem as though this wasn’t orchestrated by the Blackpool Combat Club.

Callis wasn’t done there, either. He watched as Omega struggled to his knees and prepared to give him one last stab to the face with the screwdriver, but at the last moment, he hesitated and whispered something in Omega’s ear. With one final kiss to the head, Callis left Omega’s wounded body in the ring as the show concluded.

AEW’s backstory of Don Callis and Kenny Omega

Though it’s unclear how much truth there is to the story, a past program between Kenny Omega and Christian Cage in AEW revealed some of the history behind Callis and Omega. One part in particular focused on how Callis took Omega under his wing at the tender age of ten years old. Though that’s likely not a legitimate story, the two have worked together in AEW since 2020.