Shock Interference Helps Trish Stratus Defeat Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus

A star from wrestling’s future helped the legend of wrestling past Trish Stratus defeat Becky Lynch at Night of Champions.

The rivalry between Stratus and Lynch began after the pair had actually teamed together at WrestleMania 39. However, after feeling that she’s been overlooked, Stratus decided that she would make sure she was impossible to ignore.

After taking out Lynch’s tag team partner and co-Women’s Tag Team Champion Lita, Stratus teamed with the Irish star as they lost the gold to Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan. In the aftermath of the defeat, Stratus attacked her now-former partner, and the rivalry was born.

The bad feeling led to a showdown at Night of Champions, and for much of the match, Stratus was in control. The WWE Hall of Famer used all of her experience to control the pace, but Lynch was always in contention.

Just as it appeared that Lynch might be heading for victory she went outside the ring but was attacked by Zoey Stark who jumped from under the ring. Stark hit her Z360 to leave Lynch bloodied before throwing her back in the ring. This enabled Stratus to hit the Stratusfaction and grab the win.

Trish Stratus Under Fire From Madusa

In recent weeks Trish Stratus has also drawn the anger of fellow Hall of Famer Madusa on social media. The veteran has claimed that Stratus is taking credit for things that she accomplished first.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Madusa revealed that she is open to returning to the ring for a retirement match, adding that she’s already made pitches to WWE.