Shock Heel Turn Hands Blackpool Combat Club Victory At AEW Double Or Nothing

Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page AEW Revolution

AEW Double or Nothing closed with Anarchy in the Arena, and the match delivered on that promise.

The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club went to war in one of the wildest brawls ever seen in a major North American promotion. There were thumbtacks, barbed wire, screwdrivers, forks, and even an exploding Superkick.

The eight men involved brawled across the arena, outside into the back of a pickup truck, and the lead singer Violent Idols who had been playing the BCC to the ring, even got drawn into the action taking a Double-Superkick from the Young Bucks.

The match — if you can call it that — had been chaos from the outset, but hit a new level when Matt Jackson limped back to the ring after taking a Piledriver from Claudio Castagnoli in the back of a pickup truck. Matt hit an exploding Superkick on Jon Moxley and briefly rallied before the former AEW World Champion returned to the ring with thumbtacks, dropping Matt (Who had been relieved of his shoe) onto them foot-first.

As the fight entered a frenetic final stanza, Don Callis handed Wheeler Yuta a screwdriver to try and ensure victory, but The Elite came back.

With Kenny Omega seemingly on the verge of victory yet again, and preparing to take out Callis a mysterious, hooded figure rushed into the ring to come to the aid of the BCC and The Invisible Hand. That figure was quickly revealed to be Konosuke Takeshita who turned his back on Omega and The Elite.

This enabled Yuta to roll up Omega to score an incredible victory.

After the match, Callis choked Omega with his belt before the victorious group celebrated with Takeshita.