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Sheamus Talks Favourite Royal Rumble Moments

Sheamus Royal Rumble

Sheamus recently discussed his favourite Royal Rumble match of all time, and recalled his victory in the 2012 rumble as a monumental moment.

‘The Celtic Warrior’ appeared on this weeks episode of WWE’s ‘The Bump’. Discussing the Royal Rumble match, Sheamus remembers the 2012 event, in which he emerged as the sole survivor. After drawing number 22, Sheamus would eventually eliminate Chris Jericho to win the match.

Discussing the highs and lows of his Royal Rumble appearances, the former WWE Champion points at his 2012 victory as a key moment in his career:

“The Royal Rumble is very special, I’ve alway said that. You know, there’s only one winner every year. It’s a very elite group of people who have won the Royal Rumble. I’m not taking anything away from being a World Champion, WWE Champion or Universal Champion. But, the list is a lot longer than it is with the Rumble. And it really is a hard match to win, it takes a lot out of you.”

Emerging victorious, Sheamus would go on to defeat Daniel Bryan in a staggering 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28 to capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

It should be noted that the Rumble matchup hasn’t always been so kind to ‘The Celtic Warrior’. The 2018 match would see Heath Slater eliminate Sheamus in just two seconds.

Conversing with the panel on ‘The Bump’, Sheamus revealed that he enjoys the Royal Rumble not only as a a competitor, but as a fan. When asked to name his favourite Rumble of all time, ‘The Great White’ pointed at Royal Rumble 1990 as a key match in his mind:

“As a kid, as a fan watching, the biggest moment for me was Royal Rumble in 1990. If I have that right. I remember I snuck downstairs, I was 11 years old I think. I snuck downstairs and I even recorded it on the VHS. The one that Hogan one. But it was the first time that Hogan and Warrior basically went at it with each other. And I remember that was an unbelievable moment.”

Royal Rumble 2021 takes place at the WWE ThunderDome on January 31. The men’s bout currently has eight confirmed entrants, including Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Sheamus has yet to be confirmed as an entrant.The women’s match currently has six confirmed entrants, including Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair. This year’s event will mark the first Royal Rumble in history to take place without a live audience. Drew McIntyre, winner of last years event, is set to defend his WWE Championship against Goldberg.

Sheamus’ full interview is available via The Bump on WWE Network