Sheamus Shows Off Battle Scars From Brutal No Holds Barred Match

Sheamus Thumb

Sheamus took to Twitter to show the brutal effects of his match last night at WWE Fastlane against Drew McIntyre.

The Celtic Warrior lost a No Holds Barred match against his former friend now turned enemy. The photo shows multiple cuts and bruises on the back and arms of the former WWE Champion following multiple weapon attacks during the match.

The results of these attacks can be seen in the photo below:

Both men went through a war in this match, with Drew McIntyre wearing Braveheart inspired face paint to mark the occasion. Throughout the match, Both Superstars utilised kendo sticks, steel chairs and steel steps to attempt to incapacitate their opponent. They also brawled all over the arena, taking the fight to the fan screens as well as the ringside area. In the highlight of the match, McIntyre sent Sheamus crashing through the LED screens of the WWE ThunderDome to the floor below.

Drew McIntyre won the match after hitting a Claymore in the middle of the ring. Following his victory, Drew will be facing Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship.

Replays of the match can be found on WWE Fastlane replays on the WWE Network and Peacock.

The full results of WWE Fastlane can be found here.