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Sheamus Says He’s Been “Elevating Everyone” During Pandemic


Sheamus says he believes he’s elevated everyone he’s shared a ring with in WWE since the pandemic forced the company to run events without a crowd, while cutting an incredible promo ahead of Elimination Chamber.

The Celtic Warrior, who enters the Chamber last after pinning WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to win a Gauntlet Match on RAW, opened up to BT Sport about his rivalry with The Scottish Warrior.

“I obviously want to teach Drew McIntyre a lesson. I’m going to school this kid, I’m going to school him. There’s no doubt about it. I’ve been to the mountain many, many times. I’ve been up, I’ve been down. Drew McIntyre hasn’t gone through the rollercoaster career I’ve had. Yeah, he got released and went away but it in WWE, you’re at the top then not at the top, it’s a hard thing to grasp, it’s a hard pill to swallow but I’m definitely going in there to win the title.”

Sheamus then went on to say he’s been “robbed” of his singles match, claiming that people don’t see him as a big enough draw to be in there with the WWE Champion one-on-one.

“He promised me a WWE Championship match, right? Then all of a sudden, it’s an Elimination Chamber match, so basically I’ve been robbed of a WWE Championship match. A single one-on-one opportunity with Drew McIntyre to be stuck in a cage with six other guys, five other guys including Drew. How do you think that feels to me, man? Me being the four-time World Heavyweight Champion, you’re telling me now I’m not a draw or something, I’m not big enough to go in there with Drew?”

The four-time WWE Champion would go on to say he’s elevated everyone since they were forced to run in empty arenas, or with a virtual crowd, naming the current Intercontinental Champion and Riddle among those Superstars, the latter of whom he’s had more than one critically-acclaimed encounter with.

“What’s the story there? Since COVID started and this pandemic started, and we started going to the Performance Centre, there’s been nobody that has outperformed me in the Performance Centre and in the ThunderDome era. Wek after week, I’ve been elevating people, anybody and everybody I’ve been in the ring with, whether it’s Big E, Jeff Hardy, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, John Morrison or Miz, I’ve been making every single person in that place up their game.”

The Celtic Warrior continued, saying he takes it as an insult that he didn’t get his singles match, and that he feels underestimated in WWE.

“When everyone else has been moseying through, I’ve been the one dragging everybody up, I’m the most intense person in there, I’m the hungriest guy in there, I’m the guy that is fighting to keep everyone going, and that is a huge insult to me when they say that I don’t deserve a one-on-one match with Drew, you know what I’m saying? But that’s all right, that’s okay, I’m used to that because I’m used to people telling me I’m not good enough. I’ve been underestimated since birth. That’s the thing, that’s the truth about me.”


Sheamus would round off by previewing, and predicting, Elimination Chamber, where he will enter the WWE Championship Match last.

“I’m going to go in there on Sunday, take everyone’s head off, I’m the last out in the Elimination Chamber – which is perfect for me because I’ll relax and watch these lads beat the hell out of each other, when my pod opens, take them off one by one because they’ll be easy pickings and if Drew is still in there, too, I will take his bleeding head and take his title and then he will have to chase me.”

The Irishman then went on to say he’ll more than happy to give Drew McIntyre a rematch – but only if it’s in a singles match at WrestleMania, claiming WWE would have “egg on their face” if they don’t make that match.

“He’ll be the one chasing me and if he wants that match everybody wants, you ask everybody what they want to see, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, Celtic Warrior vs Scottish Warrior, 20 years in the making, the Gaels and the Picts, the Scottish and the Irish, the Battle of the Causeway – people want that, man, and they can’t deny it. If WWE don’t give us that match at WrestleMania, it’s going to be egg on their faces because I’m taking that title at Elimination Chamber and Drew McIntyre can come after me and, if he wants that title match, that rematch, which he obviously well, then he can have it at WrestleMania in Tampa, Florida.”

You can catch Elimination Chamber live on the WWE Network or BT Sport Box Office on Sunday, February 21st.