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Sheamus Reinstates US Title Open Challenge On Raw


Sheamus reinstated the United States Championship Open Challenge on Raw as the new champion challenged anyone to face him on Raw.

The Celtic Warrior won the WWE US Championship for the third time in his career on WrestleMania Sunday by defeating Riddle. On Raw, the Irishman confirmed he was bringing back the US Title Open Challenge to the red brand.

As part of an in-ring promo on Raw, Sheamus said:

“There is something that the world needs to know right now and that is that I am your new United States Champion! And trust me, it’s gonna be like that for a long, long time. Now you’re probably asking ‘Sheamy, how did you do it?’ Well, I’ll tell you how I did it. I’ll tell you how I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it by being a nice fella making reckless decisions. I did it by doing the absolute opposite.”

“So hears the craic, here’s the deal to everybody. I’m going to be your fighting champion. That’s right, your fighting champion. Which means I’m gonna issue an open challenge for my championship each and every week on Monday Night Raw. Or whenever I want. So let me ask you, let me ask anybody out there, anybody, any WWE Superstar – do you wanna shot at the champ? Do ya? Do you want to put your hands on real gold? Well if you do and if you’ve got a neck on you the Celtic Warrior’s waiting for you.”

That was enough for Humberto Carrillo to make his entrance looking to compete in his first match on Raw in six months. However, Sheamus brutally attacked Carrillo before any match could take place, finishing the luchador off with a Brogue Kick.

The United States Championship Open Challenge was first instigated by John Cena when he held the title in 2015. Cena defeated Rusev for the championship at WrestleMania 31 and then offered a challenge to any WWE Superstar the very next night on Raw. Dean Ambrose answered that first challenge with Cena defending the title against Neville, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens in the following months.

Also on Raw, Charlotte Flair attacked a referee following her defeat to Asuka. Flair has since been fined and suspended by WWE official Adam Pearce.