Sheamus Reacts To His Hilarious SmackDown Slip [VIDEO]

Sheamus Ridge Holland Butch Pete Dunne Brawling Brutes

On the latest edition of SmackDown, the Viking Raiders took on the Brawling Brutes duo of Butch and Ridge Holland.

Despite a valiant effort from Butch and Holland, Erik and Ivar made short work of their opponents, defeating them with the Ragnarok Double Powerbomb on Butch for the pinfall victory in under ten minutes.

As the Raiders made their way to the back after the win, the former Banger Bros, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre attacked the pair as payback for their own assault the previous week. The Celtic and Scottish Warriors handily laid out their opponents and sent them to the back.

Sheamus addresses SmackDown slip

Despite their dominant display, there was one embarrassing moment that stuck out to fans, as when Sheamus went to attack Erik, he clearly slipped to the floor. However, he was able to work it into the segment, taking the Viking to the floor with him.

After the show, the multi-time World Champion took to Twitter to poke fun at himself, posting a gif of the slip with a caption naming the move.

“The Slip n Dip © Sheamus 2023.”

Of course, the Celtic Warrior isn’t the only wrestler to have experienced such a fall from grace. Most famously, Titus O’Neill made an entrance at the Greatest Royal Rumble that nobody will ever forget.

The star entered the 50-Man Rumble at Number 39 and ran full-speed towards the ring. When he reached the bottom of the ramp, though, he had a spectacular fall that saw him slide along the floor and under the ring itself in a moment that will forever be known as ‘Titus World Slide’.

Luckily, Titus was able to extricate himself from under the mat and enter the match. Unfortunately, he lasted less than five minutes before being eliminated by Braun Strowman, who went on to win the bout.