Sheamus & Keith Lee Explain Their RAW Differences

After a mixed night for Keith Lee and Sheamus, the pair reflected on fighting each other right after the two Superstars won a tag team match on Monday Night RAW.

In a backstage promo on the WWE’s YouTube channel, the pair are asked how they started the night out as friends defeating The Miz & John Morrison, but then after a commercial break the two were fighting one another – ending the match with a hug. Keith Lee responded:

I mean, everyone’s seen it, the WWE Universe has seen it. Sheamus has a bit of a short fuse. Sometimes he goes from red beard to red faced.

Sheamus immediately hit back with a rebuttal, taking insult to the idea his temper is quite high:

Are you trying to wind me up again here?” The fact of the matter is, you were basically twisting my buttons. Is that even a word, was it?

The duo went back and forth, Lee thinking that in Sheamus’s mind, he was “intentionally p***ng Sheamus off”. The Celtic Warrior admitted that to be true, saying he took great offence to the fact Keith Lee was questioning his friendship with Drew McIntyre.

Things turned positive, however, as we got to learn the reason behind the unlikely pairs good teamwork on RAW. Sheamus opening up about how he respects Lee:

Here’s the thing mate, the truth of the matter is, I respect you. A lot of people need to step up here in the WWE, there’s no secret about that. And you did man, you stepped up, against me two weeks ago, big time against Drew and stepped up against me again tonight.

Bit lucky in the finish and all that you know hitting that powerbomb. But, I respect you and that’s what we need here in the WWE, new blood coming up and trying to push all of us others out of the way to take our spot.

The interview ended with the pair showing more mutual respect, Sheamus leading the way saying “That’s why you’re buying the pints”, pointing to Keith who was on-board with that plan. We now wait to see where this unlikely duo will go on Monday Night RAW, but it’s looking increasingly likely that there is a successful tag team forming.