“Everything Felt Forced” – Sheamus Reflects On Early Days As A Babyface


Sheamus recalls his early days as a babyface feeling very unnatural.

Sheamus has been actively competing in WWE for well over a decade, winning his first WWE Championship 13 years ago by defeating John Cena in a Tables Match at WWE TLC 2009.

Currently, The Celtic Warrior is aligned with Butch and Ridge Holland with the trio making up the violence-loving faction known as The Brawling Brutes. The group are receiving positive reactions from fans, something Sheamus feels was missing from early on in his career.

Following WWE Extreme Rules 2022, Sheamus spoke with David Shoemaker for Ringer’s Wrestling Show podcast and discussed the organic reaction he has been receiving lately compared to before:

“I’ve never had that reaction before in my career. When I started, I was the heel. [Then] I was a babyface and the machine was behind me and the people knew the machine was behind me, and it was like walking in mud, walking in quicksand, man,”

Everything felt forced. Nothing felt natural. I’m telling you, the last 10 months with these two lads, it’s been incredible, and it’s organic. That’s what’s been missing from this business, people being able to organically grow, organically get over. You know, these two, these two guys have got great minds for this business.”

The 44-year-old also claimed that Butch, formerly Pete Dunne, has an incredible mind for the business:

“When I came up here, I remember we had a 4-Way; it was me, Cena, Randy, and Edge. I just remember John going, ‘Edge’s got a great mind. Don’t worry about that. Edge is like a great mind.’ Well, I’ll tell you what, man, no disrespect to Edge, but this fella right here, Butch has an incredible mind for the business that I’ve never ever come across before. He eats, sleeps, and breathes what we do, and it shows when he’s in that ring. This guy right here [Ridge Holland], this powerhouse here, as I said, he went through a career in rugby league, and now he’s coming out and he’s just thriving in there.

I’m very honoured, I really am, to be in the ring with these two boys. I’m telling you, there’s been times when your career doesn’t always go rosy. But being in there with these two boys, man, it’s really just reinvigorated my passion”

Sheamus recently took to social media to proclaim he had ‘the greatest finisher’ in history.

h/t Fightful