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Shayna Baszler Calls Out Graham Norton Over Warhammer 40k Comments

WWE Superstar Shayna Baszler has made an impassioned speech calling out UK TV Presenter Graham Norton for comments he made to Henry Cavill after the actor revealed his love for Warhammer 40k.

Henry Cavill was a guest on The Graham Norton Show on December 3rd to promote season two of The Witcher when the discussion turned to his ‘nerdy’ hobby of tabletop game Warhammer 40k.

Cavill explained how the hobby worked, saying that even though it might sound ridiculous, it’s fun.

“You put them together in little armies and you fight against someone else’s army. It’s fun. It sounds ridiculous but it is fun.”

Norton has been responded dismissively.

“Toys, very good fun.”

Since the episode aired, Norton has been criticised for “mocking” the hobby which is enjoyed by millions around the world. One person who took exception to the comments was Warhammer enthusiast Shayna Baszler. While appearing on G4TV alongside Cesaro and Xavier Woods, the ‘Queen of Spades’ called him out for “defaming” the “badass” hobby.

“Graham Norton – let’s not pretend like you’re in any sort of position to be deciding what is badass or even what is cool!

“You wanna challenge whether Warhammer 40k is badass or cool? You’re gonna have to step to me with an entire badass geek army behind me! And we’ll tell you exactly why Warhammer 40k is badass.”

Standing on a table, the submission specialist went on to threaten Norton, saying that she would show him what she thinks “fully poseable limbs” are.

“I will show you the meaning of the word ‘toy’, and what I think a ‘toy’ is, and what I think ‘fully posable limbs’ are!”

It remains to be seen Norton will respond to Baszler’s challenge, but as she is someone even The Rock recently called a “wrestling badass”, he might think twice.

H/T to Metro.co.uk for the above transcription.