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Shawn Stasiak Says “Proudest Moment” Was Duelling With The Rock

The Rock

Former WWE Superstar Shawn Stasiak has talked about the proudest moment of his career and going one-on-one with The Great One.

Stasiak had competed for the then-World Wrestling Federation in the late nineties as the ladies man, Meat. After being let go from the company he headed to WCW where he stayed until the promotion’s demise in the spring of 2001.

Rejoining WWE as part of the WCW contingent of The Alliance, Shawn Stasiak picked up a victory for his group alongside Hugh Morrus and Kanyon at the Invasion pay-per-view when they defeated Albert, Billy Gunn, and The Big Show.

Shawn Stasiak was better known for that run as being a clumsy, comedic character for whom things often went wrong. Speaking on UnSKripted, the former fifteen-time WWE Hardcore Champion discussed his “goofy” gimmick and described his proudest moment at that time as working with The Rock.

“The proudest moment of the goofy gimmicks that I played was when I worked with Dwayne Johnson – The Rock. It was the very first public gathering of any kind after 9/11, two days after it had happened, in Houston. I ran out after The Rock, you know. It was goofy, but it put smiles on faces and it got people’s attention and their minds away from the tragedy, and sorrow and the grief and despair we were all feeling. So I was very proud when I watched that documentary that WWE put out. I was part of that. I was part of something very, very special.”

On that hugely emotional show in Houston, The Rock issued an open challenge for his WCW Championship. The man from Planet Stasiak answered the challenge and The People’s Champ immediately threw him from the ring before defeating Stasiak in three seconds. This match incredibly came just a month after The Rock had defeated Stasiak in a comparative marathon of twenty seconds on SmackDown.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription