Shawn Michaels Comments On Differences Between Triple H & Vince McMahon

Triple H Shawn Michaels

Since Vince McMahon retired from his position as WWE CEO and Chairman, the relationship between NXT and the main roster has improved. Or so says Shawn Michaels.

Following McMahon’s exit, Triple H assumed creative control of WWE and has since been appointed Chief Content Officer. Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels has assumed the head job in NXT on a permanent basis. The Heartbreak Kid had been in control since Triple H suffered a serious health scare back in September 2021.

One of the most consistent criticisms from fans of WWE in recent years has been a perceived lack of joined up thinking between NXT and the main roster. This came to a head in the summer of 2021 when two-time NXT Champion Karrion Kross was moved to Monday Night Raw and repeatedly lost, before ultimately being released after not being involved in any major storylines.

Shawn Michaels Admits That Communication Has Improved

However, in a recent months there has been a greater fluidity between NXT, and Raw and SmackDown, whith stars switching between brands seamlessly.

Speaking in a new interview with The Metro, Shawn Michaels said that communication between NXT and the rest of WWE has improved.

“We’ve always talked about getting prior knowledge or getting a little note, some communication so we could prepare. For the most part, that didn’t happen! [laughs] But now we’re sure it will, and if it didn’t? I don’t know, that’s the kind of trouble we don’t mind.”

On the subject of Superstars moving between brands Michaels explained that the process is much smoother, although his job remains to produce stars for the main roster.

“Given what we’ve been through in the last year, somebody snatching a talent out from underneath us – that’s the kind of trouble we want. We don’t mind that, because that means we’re doing our job,’ he added, although it does present some challenges.

Creatively, sure, it can cause a few hitches. I tell ya what, for the most part – right now, I can’t imagine that happening,’ he said, in terms of talent abruptly getting a permanent main roster callup out of nowhere.

I just feel that the communication is such that Hunter says, “We’re looking to take her, when can you get her finished up by?” Or, “We want her right now, we’re gonna take her, but is there a way we can button this up on the other side?”

And we will figure out whatever it is, creatively, we have to do. But our goal is to get our talent to the main roster! That’s different than it was before, I think.”

Continuing on, Michaels added that the key to NXT is being able to adjust, as if stars are moving to the main roster, that means they’re doing their job well.

“We adjust to everything down here, because that’s the gig. Everybody here understands that our job is to get them up to the main roster,’ he said. ‘If that’s the biggest hassle we have down here, that’s one we’re having to take because that means we’re doing our job well.”

Speaking in post-Halloween Havoc media call Shawn Michaels discussed plans to expand NXT further. With NXT Europe already on the way, HBK confirmed that discussion have been held over launching the brand in Mexico and Japan.