Shawn Michaels Strips Solo Sikoa Of Championship, Announces Ladder Match

Solo Sikoa NXT North American Champion

NXT opened with the shocking news that Solo Sikoa has been stripped of the NXT North American Championship and announced a ladder match to crown a new champion.

Last week, Solo Sikoa shocked the world when he won the NXT North American Championship in the main event of NXT 2.0. Carmelo Hayes was meant to defend the title against Wes Lee following an online fan vote, but midway through the show, Hayes and Trick Williams attacked the former MSK member and rendered him unable to compete.

On the latest episode of NXT, Shawn Michaels called both Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes to address the match, saying that he unfortunately can’t allow the result to stand due to the circumstances.

“I brought you both in here because of the way the match ended last week. Solo, I admire you stepping up to the plate, but you competed in a match you weren’t sanctioned to be in. You weren’t even a candidate for the fans to vote on. Therefore the result of that match cannot stand. I’m gonna need you to hand over the North American Championship. I’m sorry. I know, I’ve had to do it, and it sucks. But rules are rules.”

Sikoa said that he understood, and that he was just trying to take care of some unfinished business in NXT. Michaels then told him that his work in NXT had been stunning and wished him luck on Raw, SmackDown, or wherever his career may take him next.

When Carmelo Hayes attempted to take back the title he lost last week Michaels admonished him, saying that he shouldn’t try to be bigger than the wrestling business.

“You want me to just hand this over to you? You tried to outsmart the system, and you got burned. And I don’t care if you’re cocky and arrogant, hell I even respect that. But any time you think you’re bigger than the business, the business is gonna slap you in the face. And that’s what it did.”

However, Michaels continued and said that Hayes would have another chance to become North American Champion at Halloween Havoc.

“Now look Melo, you’re gonna get your chance to compete for this championship one again. In six weeks at Halloween Havoc, you and four other men who qualify over the next several weeks will have the chance to compete for the North American Championship in a ladder match.”

Solo Sikoa made his main roster debut on September 3rd at Clash at the Castle, helping his cousin Roman Reigns retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and joining the Bloodline alongside his brothers the Usos.

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