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Shawn Michaels Says WrestleMania 25 Match “Enabled Him To Walk Away” [Exclusive]

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has opened up about his participation in one of the most critically-acclaimed wrestling matches of all time, telling Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy how his WrestleMania 25 clash with The Undertaker gave him the clarity to step away from the ring.

When asked about whether he knew just how special that match was while in the ring or shortly thereafter, or whether it was just another day at the office for him, Mr WrestleMania would pinpoint the first of his two classics with The Deadman as the match that allowed him to say goodbye.

“Well, so – certainly not just another day at the office. I can say that. It was very special and, again, those things that are the greatest – you ask ten different people, you get ten different answers. What I do know is that’s the one for me that felt… That’s what enabled me to walk away. That’s what enabled me to have that piece of going back.”

Mr WrestleMania went on to say that, despite wrestling since, his Saudi Arabia clash with Undertaker and Kane alongside Triple H was merely a reunion and the clash at WrestleMania 25 was “one of his greatest moments” and very special to him.

“Even though, again, I did one more thing – but that was the one that just put everything in here in perspective, that gave me the ability to say, ‘This part of my life is done and I’m now looking at moving into the future’ and so for that, it was one of the greatest moments, certainly professionally, that I’ve ever had, because that’s important.

“You know, this line of work is awesome and when you do it, you do it for a reason – because it’s a part of you – and it’s very hard to leave that behind. So, again, that that’s why that moment is very, very special to me.”

You can read Gary Cassidy‘s full interview with Shawn Michaels here and check out the video for BBC The Social here.

Thank you so much to Shawn Michaels for taking the time to chat, and to WWE UK and BBC The Social for facilitating the chat.

You can watch WrestleMania live on the WWE Network on April 10th and 11th, as the Show of Shows emanates from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.